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    Can I use a Corny Keg as a Primary Fermenter?

    I used 5 gallon cornies for about 40 batches, and at this point would recommend against it. I would put about 4.5 gallons (including the yeast starter) into each. Removing the dip tube and poppet from the gas side let me put a large blowoff tube right over the post, and I would inevitably lose...
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    Recommended motor for Barley Crusher?

    It looks like the "Beefy Bodine" motors that were highly recommended in the past are nowhere to be found anymore. Does anyone have an updated list of acceptable gearmotors for motorizing a mill? I'd really like to stick with the gearmotor instead of using a belt solution.
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    Small room cooling - Is this feasible?

    The shelf is a good idea, and could free up some floor space, which is already at a premium. I don't imagine that the humidity generated would be more than gets sucked up during a shower everyday, although that is my biggest concern. I ferment in corny's, so it's a toss-up between a big chest...
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    Small room cooling - Is this feasible?

    I've been using the spare bathroom in my apartment as my fermentation/everything brew related room for the last few years now, but the summer temps always put a damper on things. It's fairly small, 7.5'x5.5' with a full tub, but no windows. I'm thinking about a portable air conditioner, I...
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    Syracuse, ny - round 7 group grain buy

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    Syracuse, ny - round 6 group grain buy

    Winter brewing is no big deal, just stand closer to the burner!
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    Syracuse, ny - round 5 group grain buy

    New o-rings are no big deal and to be expected, but of the last 3 I bought (the only ones I've ever bought that weren't pressurized from the start), no amount of new o-rings, lids, posts, poppets or straightening out the lips could make them hold pressure. I saved a few bucks over retail, but...
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    Syracuse, ny - round 5 group grain buy

    I might be in for a few kegs too, but I want someone to confirm that they're in good shape and hold pressure, I'm still a bit leary from the last time.
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    Syracuse, ny - round 5 group grain buy

    I'll take the following: CM-2ROW x 2 BD-MOPA x 1 And if anyone in the group is interested, I have about 35 green grolsch bottles just taking up space, I'll trade for some other bottles or something, let me know what they're worth to you!
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    Splitting a batch of beer.

    You could do the mash with your base malts, split it into 2 kettles, then steep the specialty grains for the in the kettle of the porter, like with an extract brew. Specialty grains don't need to be mashed.
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    Just ordered some new labels

    I just got in my second batch from online labels. This time I went with "OL500", slightly bigger than the "OL3078", but without the neck ring labels. 6 labels per sheet, 100 sheets of white weatherproof laser for $50, they turned out pretty well, price was right too, works out to 9 cents per...
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    Reinforced hi-temp hose

    That is one way to look at it, but after a particularly painful trip to the ER for a major scald a few years back, I'd rather not even take the chance. A plugged valve in the mash tun or something similar could turn real nasty really fast.
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    Reinforced hi-temp hose

    So, a few weeks ago I managed to blow up a hose while flushing my pump. Thankfully it was only cold water, but it scared the crap out of me, and left me thinking about finding tougher hose. Anyone have any sources for 1/2", hi temp, braided or otherwise much tougher than the tan hi-temp stuff...
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    Just ordered some new labels

    Is this 100 sheets of labels, or 100 labels total? I bought a pack of 100 sheets of the same labels from onlinelabels (part # OL3078 ) for $20 plus shipping, but just the plain matte. The weatherproof labels are about twice that per 100 sheets, I ordered a pack after the last ones turned out...
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    Foam conundrum

    I've been pouring perfectly carbed, foam free beer (well not foam free, but a nice head at the top of the glass) out of my picnic taps at 10 psi for a while now, and finally got the bug to use my old faucets/tap handles. They were originally in a tower, which I ditched because of the major...
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    2011 AHA NHC - whatcha got?

    Got my scoresheets yesterday. This was the first beer I've ever entered, and while the comments were generally positive, I'm amazed at how much they conflict. One accurately notes the excellent clarity, while the other lists that it was hazy. One accurately noted the malty character and mild...
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    Save my saison!

    Have you actually tried bottling since it's been carbonated? It's really quite simple with the BM filler that was recommended on your other thread. I don't drop the pressure whatsoever, just cram a racking cane w/ stopper into the tap, fill the beers up to the neck while slowly venting the...
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    SYRACUSE NY - ROUND 3 Group Grain Buy

    :eek: Is this your standard for all your beers, or just the highly carbed ones? I've been putting mine on 20 [email protected]º for about 10 days, when I tried even 30 for 2 or 3 days they were wild and unpredictable.
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    SYRACUSE NY - ROUND 3 Group Grain Buy

    Yep, I have an unspectacular Centennial pale ale on tap, but nothing else really ready. I'll trade out 8mL yeast vials if anyone is setup (minimum stir plate + 2 step starter) to use them.
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    SYRACUSE NY - ROUND 3 Group Grain Buy

    Ok to the bottles or the yeast? If so which ones were you looking at?