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  1. Rob_B

    Chocolate chip, bacon french toast

    On a whim I hooked up this tasty treat. French toast topped with chocolate chips, bacon, quail egg and maple syrup.
  2. Rob_B

    Theiving Fruit Flies

    Just watched this damned fruit fly go right into my bottle of Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca. little bastard has good taste!
  3. Rob_B

    Summer Ale in the winter, is it so wrong?

    As I sit here nearly finishing the last of my Summer Ales I can't help but to want to brew another batch to last me through the winter. Now granted Florida doesn't have much of a winter I'm stuck between having a righteous house brew all year or having something to look forward to come summer time.
  4. Rob_B

    Just have to say that AG of AWESOME!!!

    5th Batch of AG down and many more to go! Going all grain is like learning to brew all over again and in a good way. I've had my frustrations with not hitting my target temps, gravity, volume, etc. But each and every time I go for another brew it just gets better and easier. Today I brewed up an...