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    Sour Cherries in SoCal or online?

    I have a sour beer that is ready to be fruited, and I'd like to use sour cherries. Unfortunately, all I can find locally (so far) is bing or other sweet varieties. Does anybody in SoCal know here I can find some? If not, is there a reputable source on the internet that anybody has used?
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    375ml Champagne Splits source?

    Anybody know where I can find green or brown cappable 375ml champagne bottles? I have some big sours I want to put into smaller format bottles and I like the aesthetics of the small Cantillon bottles (I already have the capper for the larger diameter caps, btw).
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    Best/Favorite Pilsner Malt?

    After deciding that I'm sick of supplementing 2-Row with specialty grains to mimic the flavors of other base malts, I've decided to buy two 50lb sacks of base malts, one Maris Otter (Bairds) for my pales & IPAs & etc, and one Pilsner malt for my Belgians, Germans and other lighter styles. A few...
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    What's your favorite Hefe yeast?

    I'll be making a hefe in a few weeks, and I'm curious about what Everyone's favorite hefe yeasts are and why?
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    Jalapeno IPA help

    I had a glass of Alaskan's killer Jalapeno IPA when in Juneau last year, and I wanted to brew a version of my own. The main thing I liked about their version was the fact that while they had quite a bit of Jalapeno flavor in the beer, there was very little spiciness, if there was any at all. How...
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    Pilsner malt vs 2-row in Saisons

    i'm looking to brew a Saison tomorrow (thanks stupidly hot weather!). I know Saison recipes call for pils malt as the base, but I already have plenty of domestic 2-row on hand. Will there be a big enough difference in flavor/texture/whatever to warrant buying the pils malt or will (as I suspect)...
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    Best option for small batch (3gal) kettle?

    After brewing a few 5 gallon batches and throwing out the last third of almost all of them, I've decided to move to 3 gallon batches. What size kettle would be recommended for this size boil? Something as large as 7 gallons seems a bit overkill to me. Also, what is the most economical way to get...
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    Stone 11th extract clone?

    I was wondering if anyone had an extract clone recipe for Stone 11th. I haven't gotten as far as all-grain; just steeping specialty grains with extract. Does anyone have a good extract recipe, or should I just wait til I'm brewing all-grain for this one?