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  1. Sweet T

    I bought 3 cascade rhizomes off of ebay

    now I'm wondering why the heck I did?:drunk: Well for one thing, I really think I'm going to enjoy growing these thangs! Sounds like they can grow UNCONTROLLABLY if you let them, but I have a super green thumb and couldn't help myself! And I haven't even brewed a "kit" yet! HAHAHA! I read...
  2. Sweet T

    What's your favorite homebrew recipe?

    I'm sure every newbie asks this same question so please forgive me. But I can't help but ask! so, what's your favorite recipe, the one you keep making again and again, and why?
  3. Sweet T

    Hey Y'all, talk to me!

    I'm just about ready to purchase my first "kit"... but I may go out and buy everything I need myownself. Or maybe I'll drop the hints for Mother's Day! I like more expensive beer, I just can't wrap my lips around a coors lite, so I'm here to learn, and tickled pink that I've found such a large...