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    Drinking while Brewing

    Yeah, my last brew was on a weekday, and I had to work later. No beer. I said then that it would be the last time I brewed during the week! Didn't like it at all.
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    Cold conditioning

    "Wow! I was coming on to ask if storing beer in the fridge would halt "conditioning". I had the same wonders, but never asked. Thanks for reminding me.
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    Cold conditioning

    I was reading the thread yesterday about the Scottish ale and cold conditioning it for 6 wks to 3 months, so here is my question: I just made a batch of scottish ale 2 weeks ago. I hadn't planned on racking to a secondary, I was just gonna let it sit in the primary until bottling time (4 weeks...
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    I'm waiting on my first 5 gallons to be ready so 6756+5= 6761
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    fermentation temps

    I just made a Scottish ale, and the yeast likes lower ferm temps. I put it in the fridge and set it at 58. Everything seemed fine. It fermented, but I'm not sure to what extent. It looked and sounded good for a couple days, got a good head of krausen and then died off. As it should I would guess.
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    fermentation temps

    Just started using my ferm fridge with ranco thermostat. When I first put in the wort to ferment, should I start at room temp (70?) and then bring it down to the right temp when fermentation starts? And after the primary is done and I want to secondary, should it be at the same temp I used for...
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    Yeast starter question

    No stir plate. Just tried to keep it shook up. Don't know about the smell. Check when I get home.
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    Yeast starter question

    I made my 1st starter on Sun night, boiled the water and malt for 15 minutes, let it cool down, added liquid yeast( which had swelled) and now it is Tuesday. I swear I never saw any activity out of it that I could tell. What should I be looking for exactly. Also, I am brewing tomorrow. Think the...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Made my 1st batch of apfelwein today. The original post says you can fit all but 3 or 4 oz. in the carboy. I used a 5 gal carboy and 5 gallons of juice, but ended up with over 2 cups left over. I filled it up to just about the neck. Is that too full? Now I just have to wait.
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    Ranco thermostat settings

    Just got mine, and it has a heating setting, and a cooling setting. Since I am heating the fridge to a warmer temp, is that which one I use?
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    Trouble with Midwest Kits

    I've only made 2 batches, but both were from midwest. My 1st one was the big river brown ale, and I thought it was very flavorful, and my second one was their Redhook ESB clone. It tasted really good also. I rdered the Scottish Ale 80/- from them but haven't made it yet. I just got a catalog...
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    Airlock or Blow off?

    I've read just to stick the hose in the neck of the carboy. If I wanted to use a carboy cap, I guess the hose that would fit it would still be big enough?
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    Airlock or Blow off?

    I am getting ready to brew a scottish ale 80/- in a 6.5 carboy. Would an airlock be alright or should go with the blow off tube? Also, is the tubing at lowe's or someplace like that the same as you would get from your LHBS? Thanks!
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    saison search

    I've had Saison Dupont a few times, and like it alot. Saisons are definitely one of my favorite styles right now. I can't find too many different ones either. If I can find it in my beer challenged town, it has to be somewhat widespread. It's made by Brasserie Dupont. Good luck!
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    Opinion on St Louis LHBS's

    Thanks for all the info. I am an extract brewer and a newbie. I've just made 2 batches so far. I'm still sticking with the kits for the time being. I live about 2 hrs from STL, and don't make enough (or have enough storage) to buy bulk grain and such.
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    Opinion on St Louis LHBS's

    Anyone from St Louis have a preference on where to go? I know about Worms Way and the St Louis Beer And Wine in Chesterfield, but I haven't been to either of them. Which is better, and is there anyplace else?
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    muslin bag

    Didn't want more hops. The g.f. likes a less hoppy beer along the Scottish Ale lines. Sometimes I do too. What's a good S.A. recipe?
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    AB Shock Top (warning?)

    What is BMC?
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    muslin bag

    That goes right along with what I wanted to ask. When you strain off the hops, how much flavor are you losing? Does it make a difference in the final product?