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  1. zzyvba

    hops vines tips dried.. help!

    I water my hops every other day since I planted them 2 weeks ago. However, in a watering day it rained so I skipped watering that day thinking that rain is enough. however I noticed that some vines tips dried and other vines tips were not as firm as they should be, although the soil was always...
  2. zzyvba

    Hops raise blood pressure

    I read somewhere that hops raise blood pressure, How do you avoid this if you drink beer daily? :rockin:
  3. zzyvba

    Betadine has an Expiration date?

    I found a 1 gallon Betadine for wound and skin for surgeries at a medical store. However, there was an expiration date on it 02-2010. the guy at the store said Betadine doesn't expire, and I shouldn't worry about it. I'm not sure to buy it or not. any idea about expiration date on betadine...
  4. zzyvba

    Can I grow hops in climate like this...?

    Here is the weather chart of my town: (around the year) The question is : can I grow hops in this weather? or is it hot? or is it cold? Is it cold enough for hops dormant stage? Which hops variety can grow in this climate? Thank you in advance
  5. zzyvba

    I want to buy rhizomes now

    Freshop and hoptech won't sell rhizomes till 15 march.. I want to buy rhizomes now... any suggestions? Thank you
  6. zzyvba

    water + air + stainless steel = rust ? (2 pic)

    Hi, I cleaned my keg 3 weeks ago, and filled it with water to rinse. It was late and I was tired, so left the keg full of water and opened. However, I noticed there was rust inside the thread where the gas tube fit in the next two days. here is a picture: a closer one: I...
  7. zzyvba

    I bought this pH meter!

    I bought this pH meter: WATERPROOF DIGITAL PH METER TESTER, Thermometer °C °F - eBay (item 230393799917 end time Nov-28-09 19:25:41 PST) And "I think" it is the same one that Bobby_M has. What concerns me is that it says in its specifications: Operating Temperature: 0°C ~50°C How can I use...
  8. zzyvba

    pot size in CM unit?

    Why would someone be interested in pot's length? I went to some local stores to buy a boiling pot and found that all their sizes were in CM! 40x40CM 40x35CM...etc. I searched for unit converters .. but didn't find any. How to convert "size" from CM to gallon? Help!
  9. zzyvba

    How often do I need to calibrate my refractometer?

    Excuse my ignorance, I have a question. How often do I need to calibrate my refractometer? Thank you
  10. zzyvba

    Alcohol Refractometer!

    Would it eliminate the need of measuring the SG and FG and doing all calculations? New! ATC 0--80% Alcohol Refractometer - eBay (item 200397501281 end time Nov-21-09 13:25:04 PST)
  11. zzyvba

    Is it really important to adjust the water pH?

    I use spring water for mashing, and its pH is 7.1 the question is : Do you really, I mean "really!", care about your mash water pH? Is it important? or Am I wasting my time trying to adjust it? :off: Thank you.