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    cabot what program are you using to make these labels? and they look 100% better on the bottles aswell as a photo
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    Insurance (UK Cider Sales, Law)

    in london i pay about £1.21 for a litre of petrol diesel is roughly £1.36 btw this is just an average
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    Peach Cider / Strawberry Cider: What's a good OG?

    how much fruit "strawberry and peach" did you add to each batch compared to apple juice/water? im guessing their 1gallon each.. have you tried the strawberry cider yet, is it as good as the peach
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    Suggestions??? - (for a mead recipe)

    wouldn't be able to give us a recipe for this lovely sounding mead, ive got some demijohns waiting to be used, cheers :tank:
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    foonder's Apfelwein

    what should you do if your cider has a very acidic smell "slight vinegar" it had the smell but after aging it went but its back now... what can i do?
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    murky cider

    okay cheers yooper, ill give that go tomorrow
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    murky cider

    sorry no idea what FWIW is.. but you should try and keep it at 30's-40's, even though ive been kepping mine at room temp so far i will start to cool it down in the next couple days to speed up the process. it is quite clear but not as clear as i want it, i have an inch of yeast on the...
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    murky cider

    just to keep everyone updated. i added a campden tablet to my cider "as its only a 1gal carboy" and its been about 8-9 days now and ive looked as ive just noticed it has alot of dead yeast at the bottle maybe an inch.. so i rack it or leave all the yeast to drop down first?
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    murky cider

    mine hasn't cleared at all yet, but im going to give it a month then bottle it whether its clear or not
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    Pear Cider

    sorry to double post but i had trouble posting the image. this is my pear cider roughly 12hours after starting. i have made Turbo Cider before using wine yeast, but i have used cider yeast for this and im not sure whether the layer ontop of the juice is supposed to be how it...
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    Pear Cider

    represent the brits =D even if you are all the way in wales :) but i know what you mean about tesco's, i went in today and my mouth dropped:) all that lovely cider 20% off, yet i only got koperberg "pear and fruits" let us know how your 'summer fruits' cider turns out, sounds like a good idea...
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    Pear Cider

    as i am quite new i was just curious what i could achieve and how long it would take for a pear cider to get to bottling stage. i have just started the pear cider, it had a gravity reading of 1.058 and is a batch of 1 gallon. im not to sure if it needs to be racked, placed into secondary...
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    Can we get a cider sticky up in here?

    this would help alot of members, making it easier rather than having to search the topics. but then i can't put nothing into it as being a n00b myself :)
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    Raspberry Apple Cider

    was the walmart apple juice from concentrate or not from concentrate, the cans of concentrate how much roughly did they hold "liquid wise"
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    murky cider

    haha i see your right, well im happy the topic i started is doing good not just for me but also you :-) jope everything turns out clear:)
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    murky cider

    its been 4days but ill wait a week, its still just as murky and i have used pectin enzyme "4days ago" both that and the finnings didnt do anything so far. but i shall try and get it cold.:)
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    Strawberry Cider questions!

    as im fron england i can't buy strawberry concentrate from a can sadly, so how much strawberry syrup would you need for 5 gallons of apfelwien? cheers.
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    murky cider

    well blackhawk i also went and bought some pectin enzyme too add to my cider as i got advice on here, its been 1day so far and no signs of clearing so we'll see.. and my cider has only been in secondary for about 6weeks
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    small scale brewing

    im not bothered about money, its just as i will only make 1litre of juice which is 1/4 of gallon slightly less i wasn't sure whether too much yeast would be a bad thing. sorry if i confused people but thats all i was trying to say
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    small scale brewing

    in a few months i will be able to get hold of nice fresh apples and pears from near by tree's "friendly neighbours" and i don't want to take advantage so much that i make like 5+ gallons of cider.. all the ciders i have been making have been from cartons of juice "pure" and i want to try and...