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  1. Kakistocracy

    Washington Complete 10-Gallon All Grain System

    I am in Seattle. The Literature is: -Papizan, Complete Joy -Designing Great Beers -Miller, Home Brewing -Mosher, Brewer's Companion -Back Issues of Zymurgy
  2. Kakistocracy

    Washington Complete 10-Gallon All Grain System

    Everything you need to brew beer at home. This complete gravity-fed system can reliably handle 10-gallon batches. Save time. Save money. Brew bigger. BREW 2 Blichmann 15-gal kettles 1 converted 15-gal keg mash tun Small, moveable stand 2 banjo burners and 2 full propane tanks Pond Pump and...
  3. Kakistocracy

    What's your favorite IPA?

    Hair of the Dog Blue Dot IPA. That's a tasty beer.
  4. Kakistocracy

    Bottling Delay--should I still do it?

    I had to delay my bottling for two weeks and my beer has been sitting in the closet. I'm just a little confused on how to proceed from here since my schedule was thrown off by some untimely events and circumstantial blahbedittiblah. The airlock has long ago stopped bubbling. Should I...