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    new brewstore in Marietta GA

    I just passed a new brewstore in Marietta GA. It's on Roswell road near the loop in Eastgate shopping center near Wild Wings. They open 9-6 closed on Sunday. I haven't been inside yet because they were closed. It looks like they are still setting up the store. Go by and say hi if you get a chance.
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    Keg cooler

    I'm trying to get a keg setup on my boat so I don't have to ever bottle my brew again. I've got a 5# co2 bottle and I've got to get a picnic tap still but what are you using to keep the beer cold? I don't thing a bucket of ice would last long enough. I'd like to be able to keep it cold for at...
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    Skunky fermentation

    I've got a hefe fermenting right now. I brewed it on Sunday and used White labs WLP-300 yeast. I made a starter and used a blow off tube and got a very strong fermentation going. After it settled down I put an airlock on it and it's still bubbling every 20 seconds or so. It's in a glass carboy...
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    Equiment storage cabinet

    I just cleaned and organized my equipment cabinet and thought I'd share what I did. I use the upper part of my kitchen pantry for all my stuff but it was an unorganized mess everytime I needed something. Today while getting things out to transfer to the secondary I decided to make some changes...
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    Too much head

    I never thought I would say this, but I'm getting too much head. I kegged my first beer on friday and forced carbonated it at 30 psi and rolled it for a few minutes. The beer was already cold at the time. I have since decarbed it and kept it at 12 psi. I have 10' of 3/16 beer line and my...
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    New faucet handle

    When I got my kegerator it had a bunch of crappy looking faucet handles on it. Most of them are still there, but I'm gonna be working on replacing all of them. Here's the first one so far. I still need to make some sort of sign for it so I know what it's gonna pour. The 420 is an old Miller...
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    Great sevice HBS

    I ordered 5 pin lock kegs from for $19.50 each. When they arrived, a day after shipping them, I had one that was leaking on the base of the gas in stud. I called them up and told them about the problem and although they don't warranty the used kegs, they would send me another one...
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    First Keg O' Homebrew

    I got my kegs delivered yesterday and after spending a lot of time cleaning and testing and sanitizing I was able to pour my first draft homebrew! :rockin: I force carbonated it and poured myself a glass, I was thirsty. It was foamy and not as carbonated as it should be but it was only in the...
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    I like beer more

    I just found this on youtube and figured it belongs here. . Keith
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    Huge score, now I'm gonna have to get serious about brewing

    I just made the score of the year! All I need to do is build a cabinet front and 4 doors for a small basement bar and paint them up, about 4 hours work. For my troubles I will be the proud new owner of a commercial 5 keg kegerator. It's got a full 20lb co2 bottle, about 8 various keg couplers, a...