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  1. J

    Single tier metal frame without welding?

    Well I spent yesterday working on single tier designs. I have 2 major concerns. 1. Welding. I wasn't going to weld one. But, after thinking about it, I'm probably going to learn how to weld. I've always wanted to do it. This is a nice project to have as a goal. I would assume an entry...
  2. J

    Single tier metal frame without welding?

    Anyone have pics of a brewstand frame they've made without welding? I've seen angle iron frames and iron pipe frames before but can't seem to find pics of any of them. Or is it worth it to have a local welder do one for me? I just need a single tier frame.
  3. J

    Making my first Keggle today...........

    Well, done. I did 2 kegs. About as easy as everyone says it is. If I had to do it again, I'd use a 7/8" hole-cutter. The hardest part of the whole thing was sitting there with a chainsaw file trying to enlarge the hole. You really would have to toggle the hole-cutter all over the place to...
  4. J

    Making my first Keggle today...........

    In terms of what height to drill the bulkhead hole...........I've seen everything from 3.5 inches to 5 inches from the bottom. Any tips?
  5. J

    Making my first Keggle today...........

    The first top went to well, I did the second keg too. No problems. Now on to the drilling. The flap disk cleaned up the burrs well. I'll probably not even sand it down. It's nice and dull.
  6. J

    Making my first Keggle today...........

    So I got the angle grinder out and cut out my lid. It actually when very very well. I was worried about the noise pissing off the neighbors more than anything. All and all, its a nice cut. Any tips on cleaning up the cut? I'm going with what I've read and am headed off to Menards to get a...
  7. J

    Choosing a Sanitizer

    PBW and StarSan for me. A bit on the more expensive side...........but not really.
  8. J


    Batch Sparger here: 1. Easier to make 2. Cheaper to make 3. Efficiency acceptable at 80% 4. Easier to brew
  9. J

    Czech Pils. but no Saaz

    I would recommend Sterling too, but if you want to use the hops you have on hand, I'd go Spalt.
  10. J

    Help me stock my liquor cabinet

    I've seen it mentioned a couple times but thought I'd restate: Appleton's Estate V/X. Easily my favorite Rum.
  11. J

    My Wheat Beer recipe.

    I meant no harm. Sometimes making a beer that deviates from the norm is the best way to realize why a style of beer fits with a specific type of ingredient(s). I hear you though.
  12. J

    Looking for a new PS3 Game...

    With your tastes, I would NOT recommend Assassin's Creed. Kind of hard to follow the storyline if you play intermittently. Not a whole lot of shooting either; considering you wield a sword most times.
  13. J

    How's this for an AG setup?

    I'll second the Coleman. Just bought a 70Q model and it actually has a trough in the bottom leading to the outlet. It's like they made it for batch sparging with a SS braid.:ban:
  14. J

    My Wheat Beer recipe.

    Just brew it; who cares. As you improve yourself as a brewer you'll begin to pick up on what works and what doesn't. You'll learn what you like and what others like, and IF you want to change your brew to satisfy them!