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  1. limprizol

    Craigslist Score - Kegging System

    So i was browsing on good old craigslist and the other day i saw a posting for a CO2 Complete Beer Kegging System. Long story short i had to drive 1 1/2 hours to get it but it was well worth it. I got all the stuff below for $50. :ban: My only question is it came with a beer kit but it is...
  2. limprizol

    Merlot Problem

    I have only made wine once before and it was from a kit and it came out pretty good. So about 8 months ago i figured i would try making a Merlot from just juice. I bought a 5 gallon pale of must, went through all the normal procedures. About a month ago i added some oak chips, i tried it the...
  3. limprizol

    Blue Moon - Honey Moon Clone Recipe

    I was just wondering if anyone had a good clone recipe for Blue Moon's Honey Moon Summer Ale. I would like to make something like this. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you:mug:
  4. limprizol

    Keg Questions

    I see that everyone has these set ups using modified kegs for their boil kettles, HLT, and MLTs. My question is are most people using aluminum or stainless kegs. It is so hard to find a stainless keg but i know the beer distributors around here will let me buy the empty keg for $30 but they...
  5. limprizol

    How Long are grains good for?

    I have some grains from previous batches but they have already been milled. They are in zip-lock bags. How long will this be good for? I want to use it in my next couple of brews but they have been in there for like 3-4 months. What do most people use to keep grains fresh.
  6. limprizol

    What to do with my Rhizome's?

    Today i just ordered two Rhizomes off of the internet. I ordered one cascade and one Willamette. I know they are not supposed to be planted until the spring but i am very impatient. HAHA. Is it ok to plant them and leave it indoors until then or should i just wait until spring. Also...
  7. limprizol

    Wine from Grape Juice Help

    Hello I am making a merlot from frozen Juice. I fermented it in a plastic bucket till the gravity hit 1.020 then i racked over to a 5 gallon glass carboy where it has been for 1-2 weeks. What is my next step? When do i add meta bisulphite? When do i rack it next?
  8. limprizol

    Merlot - Questions

    I am making a Merlot from fresh juice that i bought. I am going to rack it into a carboy today because it is almost done fermenting. Should i be adding anything in like oak chips? I do not want to use fining agents but i know that merlot has an oaky taste a lot of the time
  9. limprizol

    Difference Between CaraMunich III and CaraMunich I

    What is the Difference Between CaraMunich III and CaraMunich I? Does anyone have a link that has all the different types of grains listed in one place. Thank you :mug:
  10. limprizol

    MLT Size - Advice

    I am planning on making my first AG batch this weekend and i am going to make an MLT. I plan on buying one of the Round Orangle Coolers. I normally make 5 gallon batches. Should i get a 5 gal or 10 gal cooler? :ban:
  11. limprizol

    What does everyone do with LME?

    Hey i was wondering what everyone does with left over lme. How long does it stay good for if at all? What do you store it in?
  12. limprizol

    Hog Heaven Clone Recipe - Help

    Hey one of my buddies said this he tried this and it was very good i was thinking about trying to make something like this. Does Anyone have a Clone Recipe if not anything Similar to this the description is below. Thank you in advance:mug: Hog Heaven Beer Style: American Barleywine...
  13. limprizol

    Wine Kit Bottling - Question

    I bought a kit to make wine and everything is done it came out good. The only problem i have is that i got antsy and i made 3 bottles leaving the carboy not topped off now for about a week. Do you think i have ruined the rest of the wine? I was going to try to degass before i bottled is...
  14. limprizol

    Keggle Help

    I am thinking about making a keggle my only problem is that i have a turkey fryer and i was wondering if it will be enough to get a keggle going. I would only be doing 5 gallon batches in it. King Kooker 30 Quart Turkey Fryer with Safety Shut-off System: Grills & Firepits...
  15. limprizol

    Where is Everyone Getting Kegs?

    I was just wondering; i see everyone using full size kegs as boil kettles and for other things, but where is everyone getting them from?
  16. limprizol

    Aluminum Pot - First Full Boil - Question

    So yesterday i did my first full boil with an aluminum pot from a turkey fryer that i just purchased new. However i did not do anything to it besides rinse it before i used it was this a big mistake and will my beer not taste good now or will it be okay. I am making a Pumpkin spice ale and...
  17. limprizol

    Idophor Cleanse and Sanitize Quetions

    I have a couple of questions and i am sorry to beat a dead horse but i have done a bunch of research and i am getting varied opinions so i figured i would just ask. I was using a one step, and bleach vinegar solution to cleanse and sanitize as well as dish soap but i just bought BTF - Idophor...