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    Homebrewing in Norway

    Funny video about Homebrewing shown on TV-Norge
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    Scrap waterheater as brewery?

    Hello good people; I see in the US it's very common to use sanke-kegs as components in the home-brewery. Here in Norway, many people use scrap-water heaters, as kegs aren't that readily available (and scrap-hotwater tanks are usually free). People use them both as mash-tuns, hot-liquor...
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    History of beer in Spain/southern Europe?

    Does anybody know about the history of beer in southern Europe? When I am on trips to spain, usually there is only very pale lager available as a domestic product. Beeing a relatively warm country, they couldn't have been producing lager throughout history, could they? Or did they only have...
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    Coarse bubbles vs. Fine bubbles

    Hello, I have been snooping here for a while and this is my first post here! I am a (all grain) homebrewer from Norway, Europe, and basically brew anything from traditional norwegian pilsners to more heavy ales. What I am wondering about is how you can control what types of bubbles appear...