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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    Yeah, from what everyone else has said, vanilla is the only flavor that doesn't mellow out over time. This last batch, I omit the vanilla and look forward to it this weekend!
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    Most people just add the chips and reuse the rum, but I think it is just a personal preference, maybe based on the rum used. I just add the rum because I drink rum and don't want a secondary non-drinkable bottle ;p . It wont add any significant flavor or alcohol, but that is subjective as...
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    I just made my first batch of semi-all grain (minus brown sugar) I used 15# of 2 row, 1 lb of 60L crystal, and 4# of brown sugar. I also used 2oz of falconer's flight hops, 1 at 60min and 1 at 20 min. My batches are a little funky because I try to fudge my numbers to account for trub...
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    Need a kegerator or keezer

    all these keezer posts and replies indirectly answered my question, forget about a kegerator :) Now I just need to figure out if I want a coffin or collar keezer. Is a coffin keezer, just the bar back instead of a tap tower, where people cool that area so the dispensing lines are "equal"...
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    Need a kegerator or keezer

    I'm looking for a do-it yourself, but preferably less modification. I'm just looking for any specific model numbers for friendly units aka, mini fridge sans freezer, or good dimensions that don't require me to hack out too much of the interior molding or doors. Like thadius856 did an awesome...
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    Need a kegerator or keezer

    I have read the stickies and around the forums, and while they are great information, they are a little dated. Are there any more recent posts that people know of with current models that can still be purchased? I am looking for something that can hold 2 cornies and a 5-lb bottle.
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    Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Ale (Strong Scotch Ale)

    I have decided to try a Strong Scotch Ale in my new 10 gallon all grain setup. I thought it might be fun to post what I am going to brew ahead of time. I love Scotch Ales, especially the very high alcohol content variety. Its a talent to be able to hide 10% + in a delicious package. Recipe...
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    I add everything. For an overall 5 gallon batch, the few oz of booze is insignificant for overall ABV.
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    I soaked my oak chips the same day as brew day to really soak in well for the sterilization/wood essence. After 2 weeks of fermenting, I added the pineapple and oak chips. Very awesome beer. I have a 10" funnel that could barely handle the pineapple chunks or the geometry of the bunched up oak...
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    One thing I noticed is that I shorted myself on oak chips. I am making 2 batches, and each will have 2oz of oak chips that have been soaking for a week and a half in sailor jerry, but when the rum disappeared due to absorption, I just topped it off with a little water so they were completely...
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    Wood-Aged Beer Pirate Strong Ale

    Saw this recipe and fell in love. Just started a batch last night with some slight modifications as a partial mash. 10 lb 2-row 1 lb 60 crystal 2 lb brown sugar 3 lb LME .75 oz falconer's flight 60 min .75 oz falconer's flight 15 min when I rack to secondary I will add 1 oz oak chips...
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    Secondary Addition Timing

    If I am going to add stuff to my secondary (oak cubes, dry hopping, etc) does it matter when I rack my pri -> sec ? Should I wait 2 weeks (when I normally wait to move my beer if I am going to age it for > 4 weeks) or just when the airlock stops bubbling? Specifically I am going to be using...
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    Pumpkin beer partial grain techniques?

    I have just switch to partial grain (almost full grain, but cheater brew in a bag by northern brewer) and I have no clue how to implement a pumpkin beer effectively using this technique. The last pumpkin beer I made using extract, I lost about a gallon and a half of a 5 gallon batch from trub...
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    How bad is my infection version 53

    :cross: no, i meant the sweet off smell. Not very malty, but not gross. Just a sweet mildewy smell?
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    How bad is my infection version 53

    So After a year+ of homebrewing and using these forums, I've seen numerous threads of "how bad is my infection/can I recover?" I finally had my first infection and just ditched it (it was only about 2 gallons, but it had completely crapped up pretty rapidly). A month or so later, a new 5...
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    Am I doing it right (hops)?

    I love hops and hoppy beers. Ive never used any sort of calculator for hop strategies, but as I brew more Im wondering if I need to. Right now I use a few thumbrules: I use the alpha% in early additions to dictate how bitter I want my brew. So if I am making an IPA I would be using 15%+ alpha...
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    Blackberry wine: fermenting

    I used the recipe from Jack Keller/Yooper but I didnt really mash the berries really well. Theres about a 1/4 gallon of sediment in the bottom and a 1/2 gallon of unbroken druplets. Will the pectic enzyme eventually break them down? Should i sanitize my blender, filter them out and blend and...
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    blackberry wine, and wine in general

    So I have been making homebrew for a few months now, and I am trying to get into wine making on the side. However, wine making info doesnt seem to be as good as beer making, possibly because it looks a lot easier, and clarity seems to be the hardest part of winemaking. It is blackberry...
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    from casual reader to craft beer maker!

    So I have been reading these forums off and on for about a year and a half and for the past month or 2, i have pulled the trigger and started buying my equipment. 2 weeks ago i made my first batches, based off northern brewer extract kits: wee heavy scotch ale and the 90 shilling scotch...
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    Best cheap commercial beer you've ever had?

    beer for me is essentially to get drunk or at least a buzz, so high alcohol content weighs heavily. steel reserve is twice the alcohol content as other commercial beers, and is cheaper than the budwieser/miller/coors styles. plus, its a lot maltier and hoppier than most commercial beers so...