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  1. damrass

    Beer: An American Revolution

    I didn't see this already posted, and I thought you guys might like it. recently made a short mini-documentary on the craft beer movement in America. Beer: An American Revolution
  2. damrass

    Cold crashing is awesome.

  3. damrass

    Cold crashing is awesome.

    Yesterday, I moved my nut brown ale (in primary) from the 65*F fridge where it'd been the last 3 weeks. I put it in another fridge that was at about 40-45*F and let it sit overnight. Today, I racked it to my keg and the beer was almost crystal clear. I didn't add any clearing agents or...
  4. damrass

    Replace the o-rings, but what about the poppets?

    I didn't know it (should have guessed) but the poppets have rubber in them as well. We all know we should replace the o-rings with a used keg, but what about the poppets? Also the pressure relief valve has a piece of rubber on it too. On a side note, the gas inlet tube on one of my used kegs...
  5. damrass

    Can these be replaced?

    My first keg was brand new. Just got four used ones in today from CHI. The pressure relief valve on two of them are plastic, look very cheap, and are cracked. I'm wondering if they can and/or need to be replaced. Also, is there a way to unscrew the valve inside to clean it out?
  6. damrass

    Newcastle Brown Ale sucks

    Okay, no I'm not going to say that. But I do think whoever decided to ship a beer across the Atlantic in a clear bottle is a moron. Seriously, if I wanted skunky beer I'd put mine out in the sunlight for 10 minutes. If I was your average Joe when it came to beer, I'd probably never want to try...
  7. damrass

    Pitch dry yeast or re-order the liquid yeast?

    Today I was planning on brewing a Nut Brown Ale, but unfortunately the smack pack I smacked yesterday has yet to inflate. Doesn't surprise me because when it arrived it was pretty warm from being on the UPS truck all day. So I have a couple options. I can fallback on some Munton's Ale Yeast...
  8. damrass

    Question for users of a digital temp controller

    So after fermenting a British Bitter at 76 degrees during these scorching summer days in Arkansas, and having the A/C go out after priming the same batch, I decided to get one of these: My question is basically: how do I use it?? The instructions are kind of cryptic. For example, the Set...
  9. damrass

    Better Bottles & PBW

    So I got to reading on the Better Bottle website last night, and I'm pretty much sold now. But I started thinking, what would one use to clean it out with? A brush is a no-no since it might scratch the plastic, so only soaking will do. I'm a huge PBW fan, and I know that would work without...
  10. damrass

    A/C went out a few hours after I kegged...

    ...and the temperature inside where the beer sat was at ~90 degrees F for about 3 days. I was able to bring over a window A/C I had in storage yesterday. I'm curious (not worried) as to how this will affect the beer. Also I should mention that I am priming, not force carbing.
  11. damrass

    Priming a keg

    I decided instead of force-carbing the keg this time, I'm going to naturally prime it and let it condition some more. How much priming sugar do I use? I've read anywhere from 1/4 to 2/3 cup of corn sugar, but that doesn't take into consideration a) corn sugar can become compacted (so I need the...
  12. damrass

    Nice freezer score

    Just scored an upright freezer almost as big as a full size fridge on Craigslist! For free! They said it doesn't freeze anymore, but it still keeps cool. Perfect for keeping my temps down during fermentation and maybe eventually for a kegerator. May call a repairman up and see if they can get...
  13. damrass

    Stuck fermentation?

    A little background: I've brewed two hefeweizens before this batch. My first batch was a nightmare with lots of mistakes, but I learned a lot. The second batch went very smoothly with only a few minor mistakes. Sunday I brewed a British Bitter kit from Northern Brewer. Everything went extremely...
  14. damrass

    Cleaning some nasty carboys?

    Hey everyone. :mug: So I have two carboys that weren't cleaned after they were last used, and there's some nastiness growing in one of em. Before they can be used I need to make sure I sanitize the hell out of em. My plan is to soak em in PBW for a day or two to get the crud off, then soak...