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  1. Elric

    FIAK hacks for oxygen-free fermenting

    Thought I would share my hacks to go from start of ferment through kegging without introducing any extra oxygen and minimal costs. I bought the ferment in a kettle kit for my anvil 5.5 kettle. I first started thinking about doing havks to keep oxygen out while using the spigot after fermentation...
  2. Elric

    Stuck fermentation, can I just leave it?

    So this is my first attempt at mead. I have what appears to be a stuck or ridiculously slow fermentation. Started it march 3rd, using 71b and it had an og of 1.12. Checked on it a month later, it was at 1.064. Checked on it again two weeks later, and it was at 1.054. At this point i racked to...