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    If you could do it all over again...

    In my case home brewing is a supporting player to my main hobby, drinking. lol Eric
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    fermentation cooling fail, maybe

    So the 2.7 cubic foot model appears to be working! Now for that missing fan..... Eric
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    Quality Kitchen Knives Suggestions

    Gerber aluminum handle chef knife. Great balance and weight. Eric
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    fermentation cooling fail, maybe

    So today I spit canned the 1.5 cubic fridge and replaced with a 2.7. Its hooked up now, we will see. Meanwhile my fan is a holding Q somewhere between everywhere and nowhere. Eric
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    fermentation cooling fail, maybe

    A update of sorts. Yesterday when I pulled the temp probe off the side of the fermenter and dropped in the bottom of the box it showed 65. I left in the bottom until this morning. The fridge had cycled on and off through the night. I re attached the probe to the fermenter this a.m. When I...
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    fermentation cooling fail, maybe

    It is really small. It has a compressor. I pulled the temp sensor off the fermenter yesterday as it was registering 80. The temp in the bottom of the box is a cool 65. My mini fan shipped yesterday, hoping the fan fixes things. This batch should have random flavor....... Eric
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    fermentation cooling fail, maybe

    So I schlepped on down to lowes and bought the mini fridge for 79.00. plugged it into my ferm chamber and no joy. I did not put a fan in, it is on it's way. It will not cool. As fermentation increased so did the temp. Not horrible but hovering around 70 now. I squireld my hand into the...
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    a Homer Simpson moment, Dooohhhh

    If working in the brew haus in bare feet, it is best if you close the valve on the boil kettle prior to transferring wort from the mash tun. Dohhh! Not burnt, but hurt feelings for being a dumb A$$! Eric
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    how about a meme generator thread...

    If you ever baited a hook, and then ate your sandwich, covid I no problem. Eric
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    Random Picture Thread

    Charles Bukowski Russian immigrant I think, poet, wrote some really dark prose with a twist. From memory? what a man I was they slipped the noose around my neck I swung out wide, spit in the bartenders eye and stared down nelly adams breasts one last time Eric
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    Cords melting from boil kettle element

    Why use plug when you could hard wire? A fused disconnect switch may be the answer. Eric
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    outlaw calculations and a sieve analysis

    Math was never my strong suit, but I will give it a go. Maybe a math major can clean it up for me. lol Gallons on hand divided by daily consumption over 2 week delay from more beer equals outlaw road trip mandatory. I loaded the truck up and struck out in the face of the covid travel ban for...
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    Again: how to heat my fermentation chamber?

    It is a 200w ceramic heater, it has tip over and over heat protection built in. Connected to a ink bird controller it is safe. Is it overkill at 200w? prolly, but they are cheap, have a fan. and last for ever. Eric
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    Again: how to heat my fermentation chamber?

    I use the same heater only mine is black. Eric
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    American Porter Bee Cave Brewery Robust Porter

    It won't hurt, but why wait? When you think it's done pull a gravity reading and know for sure. Eric
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    dumb question?

    Thanks guys! Eric
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    dumb question?

    So several years in I am doing a recipe that calls for flaked barely and roasted barley. It all goes through the mill with the rest of the grain? Eric
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    Maytag Chest Freezer troubleshooting possibly thermostat

    I just went through this with my kegerator. Find the thermostat knob and divine a way to get at the back of it to expose the wires. Based on how many wires you have back there, installing a quality wire nut and some tape will bypass the thermostat and allow the temp controller to run the show...
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    Keezer with no collar?

    So my keggerator went on the fritz again. Went to lowes and no freezers! Read some posts here, got my tools out and hacked the faulty thermostat with a wire nut. Plugged the unit into a ink bird controller, and happy cold beer! Just in time to receive the 10 gallons of APA today. Eric
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    How do YOU decide what to make next?

    I do 10 gallon AG once a month. I have been working my way through the greatest hits here on the forum. Some of them I brew repeatedly for a while, others are one and done. I recently had a notion to hop an irish red with 8oz. of hops...... It was a exercise not to be repeated, worst of both...