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  1. bhambrew

    Multiple test batches split from one base mash?

    Greetings all, I'm looking to get some input regarding doing some smaller size experimental batches. I've been brewing AG for about 8 years, and currently use a three-vessel HERMS system to make 10 gallon batches. Lately I've wanted to experiment with fine-tuning new recipes using smaller...
  2. bhambrew

    My HERMS with 'bottom drain' MLT

    Better late than never, I actually started brewing on this rig almost two years ago, but didn't want to post anything until all the little details were finished. Well, a couple hundred gallons of beer later, this rig works great, and I realized it may never be "finished". So here's is how it...
  3. bhambrew

    NEW 2.5 Gal Ball Lock Kegs

    Does anyone have any experience with these new 2.5 gallon Ball Lock Kegs? I just discovered them for the first time at Williams Brewing. Imported from China, looks like a bargin alternative to the expensive Italian ones, but I'm curious about the quality. They also have a 1.75 gallon...
  4. bhambrew

    How to use 23-tip jet burners with Propane?

    Greetings everyone. I have been happily using my 23-tip Natural Gas "jet" burners for some time now and couldn't be more pleased with their performance at home. Our local club is organizing a big brew for national homebrew day, and I was thinking about taking my rig with me to the...
  5. bhambrew

    Where can I find these really small sanitary fittings?

    I just noticed this really tiny sanitary fitting in a member's photo: On the pickup tube: does anyone know where I can find small clamps, gaskets and flanges this size? Thanks.
  6. bhambrew

    Determining Pre-Boil Volume

    I'm gearing up for my first AG brew using keggles for my MLT and BK, and after two hours of searching the forums I still can't figure out what my pre-boil volume should be in the BK. Looking for some advice from keggle brewers out there... -Brew size will be five gallons. -Evaporation...
  7. bhambrew

    DIY 2-Tier AG brewstand build

    As always: thanks to the members of this community who take the time to share so many great ideas (and some not so great ones), post images and links and tell us about your successes and failures. :mug: This project started for me almost a year ago, and I have spent countless hours pouring...
  8. bhambrew

    Name that Keg

    I was looking around the scrap yard for useful brewing stuff and I came across this old Rainier Keg: Don't know what I will use it for yet, but I decided to buy it anyway. After searching the threads I'm still not completely sure what kind of keg this is. Looks similar to the keg from...
  9. bhambrew

    DIY False Bottom

    As always: thanks to all the members who share their experiences here and post lots of pictures! I was trying to figure out how to avoid paying the big bucks for a false bottom...here is the solution: Fortunately, we have a large scrap metal outfit in town, with 15 acres of stuff to pick...