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    FG of 1.023 what happened???

    Hi fellow brewers, I am trying to figure out something regarding my current gravity reading. I am 9 days into fermentation. Here is what I did... Grain bill 6 gallon batch... 8 lbs smoked malt 4 lbs munich 1 lb cararoma .5 lb chocolate malt 1lb corn sugar BIAB method...
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    1st Not so good beer batch. Need help!

    OK, I'm a fairly new homebrewer, but have enjoyed much success with my brews up until my most recent brew. I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I'm thinking it was something with the yeast but thats where I need some advice sO, I can avoid this problem in the future. Here is what I did...
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    My Citrus Crush IPA

    Hi fellow homebrewers, I just bottled an IPA and the uncarbonated beer tasted absolutely wonderful. The only way it could have been better was if the bitterness was a little bit higher. It was a tad on the sweet side. And I really mean just a small margin of sweetness. My question is...
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    IPA recipe help

    I want put together a good recipe for an iPA using centennial and citra hops. Here's what I have so far. I'm looking for a nice hoppy IPA but balanced. Here's what I have so far. BIAB Batch volume - 5 gallon Desired OG - 1.070 Desired final gravity - 1.010 9lbs rahr 2 row 1lb...
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    My recipe.. Your comments..

    I did my first recipe for an extract brew. Here's what I did. 6lbs LME 3.15 lbs Munich malt Specialty grains 1lb cherrywood smoked malt .5 lb of victory malt .25 lb dark crystal malt .5lb of chocolate malt Hops 3 oz's of German hallertaur hops. Also a whirlfloc tab...
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    FG has it hit or not?

    Ok... I'm 4 weeks and 1 day into "fermentation phase" of my batch of the plinian legacy Double IPA. It's turning out really good but I'm a little confused about my gravity readings. OG : 1.085 1st reading after two weeks: 1.020 2nd reading after 3 weeks: 1.019 3rd reading...
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    Concerned about FG

    Hi All, I'm 2.5 weeks into my plinian legacy double IPA fermentation. I just moved it to the secondary as recommended per the recipe and checked the gravity. It's final gravity is supposed to be 1.010 and it's sitting at 1.020. Will it continue to make progress toward that FG OF 1.010 or is...
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    Double IPA recipe tips and advice

    Okay, I've decided to put together my own Double IPA/Imperial IPA recipe. I wanted to make an IPA with good floral and herbal notes and maybe some citrus.. not too spicy. I am a greenhorn and this would be my first brew with my own recipe. I have done some extract kits. This is what I have...
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    opened 1st bottle of home brew!

    Well guys... I put a bottle of my homebrew in the fridge after conditioning for only 2 weeks. It was a nut brown ale and it tastes wonderful! Feeling good about my first brew turning out good. Can't wait to brew my next batch. :tank:
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    Temperature control questions

    I have a question regarding ambient temperature at the beginning of fermentation. I know with most ales you want to pitch between 65 and 75 degrees right? Also, I understand that during fermentation the temp can go up as much as 10 degrees. What ambient temperature does my cooler need to be...
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    1st time bottling in the morning

    I have a nut brown ale I am bottling in the morning. I just wanted some good tips on simple yet clean, effecient, etc... bottling procedure. I will be siphoning from the fermenting bucket into the bottling bucket. The bottling bucket has a spigot with a valve on it on the bottom of the...
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    Wort chill best tips

    I was considering using frozen spring water (after boiling it) and pouring the wort directly over it to cool it quicker. If I boil the water, freeze it in sanitized container, and then put the ice directly in my fermenting bucket with the boiled wort would that cool it quicker than using an ice...
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    Gravity reading or no gravity reading?

    This is regarding my first batch of home brew. I never took a gravity reading. At this point I'm 2 weeks and 4 days into fermentation. I was planning on bottling by the 3 week mark. Is there a chance that the yeast may not be done and could have bottles pop or am I safe to bottle at the 3 week...
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    Concern over 1st beer batch

    Ok.. So, I'm two weeks into my first batch of home brewed beer. It's a nut brown ale from True Brew beer kits. I followed the instructions in the box but later found that the temp. at which it recommended I pitch the yeast was probably too high. THe directions just said to be sure to picth...