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    GF Belgian Recipe Advice

    I was thinking along the lines of a Belgian dubbel style, which I don't usually late hop at all. Most Belgian trappist-style beers are so much about the yeast and candy sugar flavors, don't really see a reason to late hop. Thanks for the heads up on the yeast. I've used dry yeast from time to...
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    GF Belgian Recipe Advice

    So, a GF friend asked me if I could brew up a tasty gluten free beer for him, as he has never had a beer that could be described as both "gluten free" and "tasty". So I'm taking up the challenge. I got some gluten free malt from Colorado Malting Co and Grouse and read as much as I could on the...
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    Critique my Sweet Stout Recipe

    Sweet/milk stout usually has some lactose for sweetness (beer yeast cannot ferment lactose). I would guess that this won't finish particularly sweet with only half a pound of crystal and no lactose. Also, between the carafa, roasted barley and chocolate you have 2.5 lbs of roasted malt in a...
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    Another DIPA for review...Willamette and Amarillo?

    Second that. Willamette is fairly mild for a DIPA, but using a good amount in conjunction with Amarillo should work great. I'd for sure dry hop, and add some later kettle additions as well; maybe throw some Willamette at the end of the boil. Also of note, I've never grown hops but my...
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    The Full DIPA

    Too much crystal malt for a two gallon batch. I'd use no more than 1/2 lbs each crystal and carapils for a 5 gallon batch; I'd drop each to at least 4 oz, I like a dry finish on my IPAs and personally I'd do 2 oz each or just 4 oz crystal 60 for a 2 gallon batch. If you want a sweeter finish cut...
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    Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA clone?

    Using the hop info from this thread, what information about the brewery I could glean from other sources, and my own taste buds I came up with a clone recipe that I think is pretty dang close. My 5 gallon igloo cooler mash tun can only hold about 12 lbs of malt max. which is why I boosted the...
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    New Hop! Meridian

    Keano41, how did this turn out? I'm quite interested in other people's thoughts on the Meridian hops.
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    Comet hops available?

    In case anyone was still wondering about this, Farmhouse Brewing Supply is selling comet (plus a bunch of experimental hops and had to find varieties) on their website. Good pricing, quick shipping, recommended if you are looking for some unique hops!
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    Comet hops available?

    Just curious, what brewery made he single hop with Comet?
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    Comet hops available?

    Hello all, I have just become aware of the old but newly re-grown hop variety called Comet, and the small amount of information I can find is very intriguing. A few people on here have posted positive thoughts after buying some last year, but I was wondering if any more people have used them...
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    Potent Potables Podcast interviews Jamil Zainasheff

    Bump. Take a listen to the Jamil interview!
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    Potent Potables Podcast interviews Jamil Zainasheff

    Hello all. I just wanted to let everyone here at Homebrewtalk know about a new podcast I've started up. It is called the Potent Potables Podcast and it focuses on strong beverages, covering a new topic each week. The most recent episode features an interview with homebrew author and brewer...
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    Thoughts on Saison Recipe?

    8 oz of Vienna should be great. The style guidelines say it should be orange in color, but Saison Dupont, which is probably the benchmark of the style and the source of the Saison yeast strain, is made from 100% pilsener malt and is golden in color, so there is wiggle room as far as color goes...
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    Wild Parsnip Beer?

    Parsnips are fantastic as food, I can't believe you didn't like them! Like more flavorful carrots. Try roasting them like potatoes or carrots with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Yummmy. Anyway, I've never heard of beer with parsnips, but why not give it a try? Furthermore beer in...
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    Capturing/Isolating Brett

    I know a microbiologist who cultured a strain of Brett A from a up from a bottle of french cider. He put it on agar an isolated it down to a single colony, then built it up from there. Now he keeps it in a wine bottle with an oak dowel on top. I had a beer fermented with just this yeast, and it...
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    Coffee/Rye/Anise Stout Recipe

    If you guys are interested in a detailed explanation of the different ways to add coffee to beer, check out next months Zymurgy.
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    new brewer w/ many Qs about a Saison Dupont clone recipe

    I just wanted to comment on the clone recipe you're using: according to the book Farmhouse Ales, in which the author actually spoke with the folks at Dupont, the beer is made with 100% Pilsner malt. No wheat, no vienna. Also no spices. If you use the Dupont strain (WLP 565 or Wyeast 3724) you...
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    Anyone have a leinenkugel's berry weiss clone recipe

    Honestly I'm shocked that a homebrewer would love this beer, as it seems to be more like smirnoff ice than craft beer to me. It doesn't surprise me that you couldn't find a clone. But, to each his own, and if you want to brew it I can help a bit. I've been to the Leinenkugel brewery, and this is...
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    How long will white labs vial last?

    Thanks Revvy. That's basically what I assumed, I just wanted someone else to say they had done it successfully to give me some encouragement.
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    How long will white labs vial last?

    I've wanted to try White Labs WLP515 for a while now to make a Belgian-style session ale (think a Belgian kolsch). The strain is only out in September/October, so I bought a vial, but I would rather wait until early spring to brew it. If I make a decent sized starter, would the yeast still be...