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    Heating element stretched.

    Hi guys, open to any advice here. See attached pic. Essentially the heating coil has stretched( most likely from pulling it about to clean the underside after 30 or so brews). The middle row nows sits naturally above the top row if the top row didn’t block it. Not sure a stopper in between them...
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    Maximum attenuation

    Can anyone help me with this? My latest brew traveled from 1061 to 1002 in 18 days, 2x wyeast 1056. 10% sugar in malt bill and extra pale malt but 97% seems too much. no danger signals yet but is 1056 capable of this much apparent attenuation or must it have had some help from a wild yeast...
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    Need to transfer to corny but no gas!

    My soda stream bottle seems to have leaked empty so I have no gas. I am brewing at the minute and need to free up a fermenter. Can I keg as planned today without gas. I should be able to pick some tomorrow but will there be too much undesirable oxygen contact in the meantime as I can’t purge...
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    best fermentation system?

    Obviously there are price differentials, but ignoring those for the time being, I am interested in performance gains to be found and would welcome peoples thougts, especially if you are using one of these set up currently. So forgetting about cost for now, in terms of ease of use and set up...