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    GF Belgian Recipe Advice

    So, a GF friend asked me if I could brew up a tasty gluten free beer for him, as he has never had a beer that could be described as both "gluten free" and "tasty". So I'm taking up the challenge. I got some gluten free malt from Colorado Malting Co and Grouse and read as much as I could on the...
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    Comet hops available?

    Hello all, I have just become aware of the old but newly re-grown hop variety called Comet, and the small amount of information I can find is very intriguing. A few people on here have posted positive thoughts after buying some last year, but I was wondering if any more people have used them...
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    Potent Potables Podcast interviews Jamil Zainasheff

    Hello all. I just wanted to let everyone here at Homebrewtalk know about a new podcast I've started up. It is called the Potent Potables Podcast and it focuses on strong beverages, covering a new topic each week. The most recent episode features an interview with homebrew author and brewer...
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    How long will white labs vial last?

    I've wanted to try White Labs WLP515 for a while now to make a Belgian-style session ale (think a Belgian kolsch). The strain is only out in September/October, so I bought a vial, but I would rather wait until early spring to brew it. If I make a decent sized starter, would the yeast still be...
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    Beer Radio Show in Wisconsin!

    Hello to all at Homebrewtalk. I just wanted to let you know about a new radio show I'm co-hosting called Beer Talk Today. The show is going to cover beer news, homebrewing, beer tastings, interviews with brewers and people in the beer community, and whatever else we can think of that deals...
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    What do you think of this Brown Ale?

    I want to brew a nut brown that's nice and smooth. A couple of weeks ago I home toasted some Marris Otter at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to emulate british brown malt and am using that in this recipe. Let me know what you think: Partial Mash 5lbs Light LME .25 lbs Chocolate 1lb Toasted...
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    Critique My Cream Ale Idea

    Here's my current plans for a partial mash Cream Ale. I want it to be light and drinkable for spring but also interesting. 4.7# Light Malt Extract 1.5# 6-row .5# Flaked Wheat .5# Vienna malt .5# Flaked Corn .5# Wild Rice .5 oz Styrian Goldings @ 60 .5 oz Hallertauer @ 15 .25 oz Hallertauer @...
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    Amber Ale Plans

    I'm trying to formulate a flavorful Amber Ale, let me know how this is: 6.50 Light Malt Extract Syrup 2.50 British Munich 0.20 American Chocolate 0.50 American Crystal 20L 1.00 American Two-row Pale 2/3 oz Nugget Hops @ 60min 2/3 oz...
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    Making a Dry Irish Stout

    With my oatmeal stout in the primary, next up on my st.patrick's day docket it a dry Irish stout. I'm looking to make something that's similar to Guiness, but with a little more complexity. Here's what i'm thinking about, i'll apreciate your thoughts: Extract + Grains (partial mash) 3.5# Pale...
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    oatmeal stout partial mash question

    Ok, so i'm an extract brewer, i've never done a mash at all, and i want to do an oatmeal stout. I've been told that you can get some oatmeal flavors just by steeping flaked oats with the specialty grains, but that to get any sugars out of it (and to really get the flavor) you need to at least...
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    goat scrotum porter label

    i've made a few simple labels in the past, using ms paint, but i've never posted one. I'm making a 1 gallon experimental batch of a slightly modified version of Goat Scrotum Ale form the complete joy of homebrewing. I thought this would be a good chance to post a label; here's what i came up...
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    Exploding Cider!!!!!!!!

    So here's what happened: i started a gallon of cider on 9/1/06. Within a week and a half fermentation had stopped and i racked it to the secondary. I had a taste and it was very dry, so i decided to sweeten it up just a bit with some frozen apple juice concentrate. I killed the yeast with one...
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    help with "leftover" recipe

    alright, here's my situation... i've never brewed a beer before, only wine, cider, and mead. Mostly this is because of space constraints (i only have space in my apartment for 1 gallon jugs) and general ignorance about the difficulty of brewing beer, not a lack of love of the product. A few...
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    just stared a cider, tell me what you think

    I was going for a semi-sweet cider with an apple flavor and an alcohol content closer to beer than wine. Let me know how you think i did! 1 gallon of apple cider 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 can frozen apple juice concentrate 1/2 tsp acid blend 1 tsp yeast nutrient nottingham ale yeast i...
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    first wine is fermenting

    Last night i started my very first attempt at brewing anything. I decided to start simple, and made 1 gallon of "jug wine". I combined the recipe lorenae gave me on another post with a recipe from a friend who had made similar wines a few times, and this is what i came up with: 2 cans of...
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    opinions on recipe

    i'm brand new to the home brew world, and i'm going to start up a simple jug wine or a cider soon. In addition, i'm thinking of making something a little more complex that takes a bit of time to age. I came across this Cyser recipe: The instructions...
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    easy 1 gallon recipe?

    I'm looking for the most simplistic yet effective way to make cider. I have a 1 gallon carboy, an airlock, and a funnel with a strainer attachment. Any thoughts?:mug:
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    beginner questions

    So i was at my buddies house the other day, and he showed my his home wine making set up, and i immediately began thinking about starting up myself. I've been doing some research on the web, and i'm definately going to do it. So here's my question: my friend had a 5 gallon carboy of white...