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    Close Call?

    My 5 gallons of fresh/un-pasteurized juice and EC-1118 started off great. Two days ago a decidedly vinegar-like odor showed up. Now it's going away. Is that odor known to just show up some times and then go away?
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    Vanilla Beans

    I put a vanilla bean in a gallon of cider that had been in secondary for about a 1 1/2 mos. I started fermenting again. I think. Strange bubbles have appeared on the top, and the airlock has a small amount of activity. This is the first time I have used vanilla and don't know what to expect...
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    I combined different yeasts.

    Most of my posts so far have been of the, "...what did I do wrong?" kind. So being true to form, here is another: I took five gallons of fresh juice (un-anythinged), yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme, and 5 campden tablets. I waited 24 hours, and pitched a WL sweat mead yeast. Gravity was...
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    I think I created a monster.

    I have two one-gallon jugs sitting around so I thought what the heck. I put two gallons of Tree-Top Juice, two cans of concentrate, and a lb. of dark brown sugar in a bucket with the WL Sweat Mead Yeast. When it goes into secondary I want to try different things in the gallon jugs. A...
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    How added sugars flavor the finished product

    I was reading around, and I saw the dextrose will not flavor/or change the finished product beyond adding some alcohol. How is this? I have seen lots of other posts about how brown sugar, or honey, or ?????? does change the flavor. What is the difference with Dextrose?
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    White stuff on the top of my cider.

    Hello All, first time poster. I'm on my second batch of cider, and ran into this. My gallon is in secondary, and the other day I noticed a kind of oiley looking stuff on the top. I opened it to smell, which turned out to be ok, but when I put the jug back, this white stuff kinduv...