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    Well, at least they're trying!

    I thought this was quite comical: I'd go get it, but it would cost more in gas than it would for a six pack at the corner!!!
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    Hop Rhizome Question

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    Can't figure it out

    Not sure what to think about this one.... Kind of funny really.
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    Is it stuck? What do I do?

    I recently brewed a wee heavy. I'll start w/ the grain bill: 8# 2 row 1# Cara-pils 1# Peated Malt 1# Biscuit Malt 1# Crystal 90L 1# Roasted barley (I know, too much. I screwed up the order and it was all mixed up so I had to use it as is.) Promash gave me a target OG of 1.068, I ended...
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    Priming Hefe with lager yeast-ever heard of this?

    I was flipping through one of my brewing books this morning and came across something interesting. In Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide, I found the following note under a general Wiezen recipe: "Note: For flavor stability in hefeweizen, filter out the weizen yeast, then add lager yeast at...
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    Something happened on the way to the fermenter

    I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what went wrong today... Brewed a wheat beer today and ended up with a whopping 51% efficiency!!!:confused: Here's the grain bill 6# Torrified Wheat 3# German Pils 2# 2 Row Single infusion mash, 3 gallons of water @ 175 deg. when I mashed...
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    White wheat malt with rice hulls - How much?

    I plan on doing a Wit soon. The recipe I'm using calls for 2.5 lbs of white wheat malt. According to the info on AHS, they recommend using rice hulls with the white wheat to prevent a stuck mash and such. My question is what ratio of white wheat to rce should I use, or should I use it at all? If...
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    Hop Rhizome Question

    Hoping someone can help out here... I was thinking about purchasing some hop rhizomes this year, mostly to help with the price increases due the hop shortage. Only problem is I'm going to be moving to a new house in the next few months. My question is, if I purchase the rhizomes in March when...