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  1. J

    Brewing pale beers with hard water

    Looking for some advice here. I charcoal filter my tap water which comes from wells in Chino Ca. It's great water for brewing dark to amber beers. Even with a big Russian imperial stout my mash ph will hit 5.2 to 5.3 with no additions. I usually just brew what works with my water but I'm...
  2. J

    help how do I stop the emails from Home Brew talk

    I get an email every time I post or someone else does to a topic I am subscribed to. It's flooding my inbox and I can't find where to stop this in the settings or notifications options.
  3. J

    Carbon filter question

    Hoping someone can give me an educated answer on this. I use an activated carbon filter designed for whole house use just in my garage brewery. The filter cartridges are labeled as 3 month or 6 month life span depending on price. I only use the filtered water when collecting brewing liqueur...
  4. J

    Sanitizing corney kegs with boiling water

    I've been doing this for a while and thought I'd share/ see if anyone else is too. When its time to keg, I simply boil a couple gallons of water. While I'm waiting for a boil, I sanitize equipment and scrub the kegs clean with a sponge and water. Poor in boiling water, close lid, shake the...
  5. J

    Wyeast London Ale III. Massive crousen needs a blow off tube

    I have a dual thermal controller fermentation chamber, heat and cool, and have not had a fermentation get out of control for years since I built this system. I was shocked to see my 6,1/2 gal carboys with only 4 gals of wart in each totally overwhelmed by this yeast, guizering foam out of there...
  6. J

    Acetaldehyde problems

    Hello all, I'm in need of some advise. I have an ESB that I firmented with S-04 and has been in the keg after crash cooling for a month now. I kegged two different kegs of the same brew and drank the first one which tasted great. The other keg had been tasting great when sampled for the last...
  7. J

    Scottish yeast blend

    I'm thinking of combining 1 pack of wyeast scottish ale yeast with a couple packs of us 05 to get my yeast count up without doing a starter for this big 1.099 OG Scottish. Any thoughts on how this might turn out? Pleas excuse my dyslexia
  8. J

    Wyeast London ESB

    The info from wyeast on this strain warns of diacetyl production and autolysis which sounds scary but it also sounds like a really good yeast if don right. I have a firmentation chamber with dual climate controllers so I should be able to make this yeast work on my next ESB but I am not sure...
  9. J

    Brown malt in brown porters

    What do you guys think about the authenticity of brown porter recipes and the use of brown malt. I have read that brown malt was the basis for the style and that they used to be brewed with it as the main part of the grain bill but is the brown malt we get today even the same thing and...
  10. J

    Testing mash PH in dark beers

    what is the best method