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    Bud Light

    Had some Bud Light analyzed once. They told me my dog had diabetes... And was pregnant :D
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    Good online supply place?

    I've been to a lot of places. Stout Billy's is super. Also great is Grape and Grainery. Hope this helps. Strange Brewer
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    HBD site

    The Brewery Server has died the death, is the word I get from the Brew Rat Chat ( Pat Babcock is said to be working frantically to restore it. Strange Brewer
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    what do i need

    Start out with a brew kit from any reputable homebrew store. These vary in price from $35 to $150 depending on stuff included. To begin with you need at least a fermenter, 6.5 gallons, a secondary fermenter 5 gallons, bottles, caps, stir spoon, sanitizer, boil pot (Canning kettle of appropriate...