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    Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

    Time for another bump! Someone somewhere has the recipe!
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    Heating element stretched.

    Did a brew with it and all seemed 👍
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    Heating element stretched.

    No it won’t go back, tried weights on it to bend it back but it seems to have permanently shifted shape.
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    Heating element stretched.

    that’s it, I should have said bent out of shape. The coil starts at the bottom and as it rises it curves round 3 times before finishing higher up, effectively giving three rows. The middle row as such now sits higher than the top row.
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    Hops in a bag?

    bear in mind the reason you lose some beer is because of the better contact with the hops. if you added more hops to get the same hit you would probably lose as much beer.
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    Heating element stretched.

    The element pressed together could be an issue I would have thought during the boil.
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    Heating element stretched.

    Ok to clarify, the picture should be rotated 90 degrees, and I put a white sheet of paper down the side for clarity. Essentially the coil enters at the bottom and circles 3 times increasing height.
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    Heating element stretched.

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    Heating element stretched.

    Hi guys, open to any advice here. See attached pic. Essentially the heating coil has stretched( most likely from pulling it about to clean the underside after 30 or so brews). The middle row nows sits naturally above the top row if the top row didn’t block it. Not sure a stopper in between them...
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    It looks good. I am tempted. i would see it as an addition to my set up- a hassle free and quick way to experiment with limited wastage. However i am not sure how flexible it is. i am in the UK and not even sure you can get steam hops here. I take it you can create your own grain bills though...
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    Maximum attenuation

    mashed at 65C ( 149f) 60 mins. seems like some hope there then.
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    Maximum attenuation

    As i undertsand it wild yeast infections are slow burners, they tend to dry out beers and become very astringent over a period of months so id rather dump now than pour 40 bottles down the sink in a couple of months? that said you are right, i may be overworrying - So is 97% apparent...
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    Maximum attenuation

    Can anyone help me with this? My latest brew traveled from 1061 to 1002 in 18 days, 2x wyeast 1056. 10% sugar in malt bill and extra pale malt but 97% seems too much. no danger signals yet but is 1056 capable of this much apparent attenuation or must it have had some help from a wild yeast...
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    What is causing this over-attenuation?

    Can I bump this? I’ve just checked my latest brew and final gravity is 1002. That seems super low. It was 1061. Wyeast 1056. Extra pale malt and 500 g sugar in mash. 1002? Has to be an infection right? Tastes ok at moment though( 18 days in fv)
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    Need to transfer to corny but no gas!

    My soda stream bottle seems to have leaked empty so I have no gas. I am brewing at the minute and need to free up a fermenter. Can I keg as planned today without gas. I should be able to pick some tomorrow but will there be too much undesirable oxygen contact in the meantime as I can’t purge...
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    purging kegs

    It just seemed to me people are getting fixated with wiping out all oxygen, so that was putting me off. When you bottle you leave an inch at the top so what's the issue? Just do a bit of purging and should be ok right?
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    purging kegs

    My first ever starter keg kit arrived yesterday. No instructions came with it at all so started some research. Now after reading this I think I may stick to bottles no for now. Is it really this complicated?
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    Why Not to Pitch On Your Yeast Cake

    as a relatively new brewer i have never repitched yeast- for me its just another variable that could go wrong so use fresh. however i am brewing a pale ale tomorrow and have no yeast. i do have another pale ale that i am about to rack so can re-use that yeast. as this will be the first time i...
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    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Anyone got one yet?
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    SS Brewtech Brew Bucket Advantages?

    That was one issue. I have two spiedals and if I buy a couple of brew buckets that will be me done for a number of years. Should I hold off and invest in a glyceryl system like the grainfather in a year or two instead?