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    Star San Price increase

    I just stopped by midwest and tried to buy a bottle of star san and it was 24.99 for the large bottle! What happened? I checked the NB catalog and it's listed at 15.99 and since they are the same owners now. Anyone have a recipe to make it yourself?
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    Carbonator clone opportunity

    I noticed that the patient for the Carbonator expires on March 14 2012. That means that some one will be able to produce a clone product and make some cash and We customers will benefit by not having to pay $18.00 for 20 cent piece of plastic. Looks like a great entrepreneurial opportunity...
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    Bottling with Negra Modelo bottles

    I have never seen Negra Model bottles, What's it like to bottle with them ? I understand using Corona bottles; They are more difficult to use but I seem to be able to do it successfully. Are the Negra Model and corona the same types of bottle tops?
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    keg Part numbers for o-rings from mcmasters

    I would like to buy a large quantity of keg o-rings, I know they are available form Mcmaster or Granger by the bag instead of each, at a much lower price. does someone have the part numbers they could share?
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    Blichmann HopBlocker Review

    I just bought a new Blichmann HopBlocker, I use a keggle and set it up with a 1/4 copper line, and placed it in the center of keg it's the only spot that it will rest flat on the bottom, Just got done brewing a IPA with about 8oz of hops for a 10 gallon batch. It was completely unusable, the...