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  1. GloHoppa

    How long do whole leaf hops last?

    So I'm going to be brewing something either tomorrow or Friday, and I have some hops that I picked last year. Now before you all say, "No way man! Those hops are toast!", keep this in mind: Right after picking, I wrapped them in paper towels, and put them in a small lunchbox in the freezer...
  2. GloHoppa

    Some new labeling from Townie Brewing Co!

    Well I downloaded GIMP for my mac and watched a couple tutorials. It is starting to come together slowly but surely. So thank you all for the nudging in the GIMP direction:mug: Here is my first attempt with GIMP making a simple brewery logo: Using that logo generator I found stickied...
  3. GloHoppa

    Kegerator Conversion with Danby DAR440BL?

    I was looking at some decent fridges to do a kegerator build with and I came across this little guy: Has anyone ever done a conversion with this fridge? Link to the specs here
  4. GloHoppa

    Using an Apple to edit pictures and make labels

    Hey all, I recently purchased an iMac and i LOVE it. However, i don't have the slightest clue how to use Preview or iPhoto, especially in terms of making labels. Can anyone help me?
  5. GloHoppa

    Papazian-inspired Saison!

    Okay so for Christmas this year I got this sweet calendar put together by Charlie Papazian called "365 Bottles of Beer for the Year". The coolest thing about this calendar is every Sunday there is a recipe for the previous Saturday's beer. Saturday was an awesome review of Saison Dupont, so...
  6. GloHoppa

    Wild Hibernian and Leviathan!

    A little insider info from the new Visitor Center Manager at Harpoon's Boston Brewery... Wild Hibernian: If you have tried hibernian before, or a saison, or a lambic, then check this out! We just threw it on tap today. Long story short it is a standard brew of hibernian (read on...
  7. GloHoppa

    Harpoon Cider

    Back in October, we released a hard cider. Real simple recipe: Guy out in western mass presses locally grown chef's apples, pasteurizes the juice, ships it to us in tanker trucks, we add our house ale yeast and that's it. Now since we just had employee beer buy, I got a case of the cider...
  8. GloHoppa

    Anyone into serious road/mtn biking?

    This past saturday I was working all day for harpoon's annual brewery to brewery bike ride. Over 800 experienced riders pedaled 147 miles from Boston to Windsor, VT. My job in the afternoon was unloading all of the bikes and setting them up on the racks so that when the bikers were driven back...
  9. GloHoppa

    American Craft Beer Festival

    ACBF is the first conference/festival of its kind and its sponsored by Harpoon and BeerAdvocate. The event will feature over 75 craft brewers from all over the US and over 300 beers. Harpoon will be releasing a new product line at the festival as well. It takes place June 20th and 21st at the...
  10. GloHoppa

    Just got a job interview at Harpoon Brewery!

    I am SO excited! I was job searching last night and after hitting a lot of dead ends I decided to check for job availability at Harpoon Brewery since i live about 45 minutes north of Boston. Well I sent along my resume in regards to a manager position of their Visitors center and within 24...
  11. GloHoppa

    Spritz & Bite Hefe-Weizen

    I just picked up this recipe and ingredients from the LHBS on my way back from school (:sniff: graduating on Saturday..). It was recommended to me from this forum actually, so thanks you guys. Jasper's in Nashua, NH is AWESOME! The owner is real smart, great little shop albeit slightly pricey...
  12. GloHoppa

    Townie Brew gettin geared up for the summer!

    Just made a couple new brew labels for my summer beer that I am specifically making to enjoy starting during the big carnival/feast day my town has called the St. Peter's Fiesta. I decided to go with this as a theme.. This one is for my Bavarian Hefeweizen. I figured that when i go to my...
  13. GloHoppa

    Saint Paddy's Stout Suggestions

    I know there is another thread for this but since I'm selfish I'm starting a thread about what I should do for a Saint Paddy's day homebrew. :ban: I definitely want to do a stout, but what kind? I was looking around the recipe database and found some good Oatmeal and Irish Stouts, but no...
  14. GloHoppa

    Did anyone catch the Homebrewing Good Eats?

    Did anyone catch the Homebrewing Good Eats on the Food Network last night? It was pretty good, but he said some stuff that was kind of odd. He said he didn't use a hydrometer, he didn't aerate the wort, only used bottled water (sort of unnecessary I thought), and also said dry hopping was when...
  15. GloHoppa

    LHBS in Southern NH!

    Anyone from the Manchester/Southern NH area? I go to Saint A's and was wondering if there was an LHBS around these parts since I want to get an Irish Red Ale or Irish Stout going once I rack my Bass clone to secondary. However I need to find a place for ingredients (I don't know how I feel...
  16. GloHoppa

    Happy 5gal Brew Day!

    I finally moved back to school and used this past Sunday and then Monday morning to do some brewing. I did a 5gal batch of the Bass Ale clone kit from Midwest on Sunday evening and an Apfelwein in my Mr. Beer.:ban: I have been trying to keep a photo log of everything I've been doing in...
  17. GloHoppa

    Townie Brewing Co.

    I have been experimenting with a couple of labels on MS Paint (I havent had enough time to really get into and teach myself how to use GIMP) so I wanted some feedback... In honor of making my first batch of Apfelwein this coming Saturday... After my grandfather who gave me a lobster...
  18. GloHoppa

    Apfelwein in Mr. Beer

    I just found the Apfelwein Recipe here and am wondering what I would cut in half in order to make it with my (now empty:ban: ) Mr Beer mini keg since it only holds about 2.5 gal I have heard so many good things about the apfelwein I need to try it:rockin:
  19. GloHoppa

    Midwest Supply Bass Ale Clone ?s

    I just ordered this bass ale clone kit from Midwest Supply with a reg beginner kit w/ 5gal glass carboy. I figure that if I am going to do this whole brewing thing right I will need to graduate from Mr. Beer. Since I have the money now, now is better than ever!:rockin: :tank: Has anyone...
  20. GloHoppa

    REALLY itchy from the beer bug bite..

    I have been spending the majority of my free time reading this website over the past few days and a couple things have been made clear. First, I am really stoked I got the Mr. Beer kit, otherwise I would have never stumbled across this forum. Second, Ive decided the money I was going to use to...