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    just cracked open my Belgian strong

    finally! after almost 4 weeks in the bottle I cracked one open. Best beer so far, and better than alot of microbrews I have tried. Not to sharp on the palate smooth and just the right hoppy profile I wanted. This was an extract brew but if all grain beer gets better than this I would like to...
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    help with bottling

    I bottled today but I had to tape the bottle filler to the bottling spigot because it kept falling out. What is the right way to attach your filler to the spigot? I have some tube and a little piece of plastic attachment but I could never get it to work. The plastic tubing would not fir on...
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    Good small fridge for kegging?

    I know I have been posting alot lately about all grain setups, kegging, etc.. And I still have not made up my mind. I have come close to buying some things out of the classifieds for an all grain setup but both of those deals fell through. So I guess I was meant to spend the money on getting a...
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    Someone recommend a good extract kit or recipe

    I am currently conditioning in secondary a batch of Belgian strong ale. It was an extract with steeping grains kit. So far after about 3 weeks it is pretty tasty for flat beer. I have tried a dark stout, and a mirror pond clone. I didn't think the mirror pond turned out so well but am...
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    What do you think of what I found on Craigslist

    I thought this might be a good step in the direction of all grain brewing. Could someone tell me how I would go about using a counterflow chiller in the keg, and could it chill 5 gallons, not 10? Or vice versa Thanks for your help.
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    Son of fermantation chiller questions

    After using a water with ice method for temperature control I have been thinking about using a more efficient less tedious method to ferment my beer with. I read a little about this Son of a fermantation chiller and am wondering if I should try and make one. For those who have built one, is...
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    morebeer all grain system

    Anybody have any experience with this or any opinions about it? I am seriously thinking about purchasing it. The only problem is it's on back order and I would need to set up a place to put it all. Three tier brew stands are quite expensive and I don't think I could build one. I guess I...
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    any ideas for a kegerator/fermentaion chamber?

    Is there any way I could buy just one fridge or freezer and turn it into a fermentation chamber as well as a kegerator? I know I saw a build once and I noticed on one these forums but it wasn't the same build and not detailed enough for me. I need help with these kinds of things. But I am...
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    Keggle mash without direct heat

    Is it possible to mash in a keggle with no direct fire?
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    What is the best way to bottle from a keg?

    I have heard of a beer gun. Just wondering. My brewing partner is buying a kegging system sometime in the near future but it's going to be at his house. I am going to buy some 22 ounce bottles and bottle what I want out of the batch from the keg when I need some beer. Will the beer stay...
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    Places to buy assembled keggles

    Are there any out there for a decent price? The only ones I have found are Sabco and they are 500 and up which is well above my budget. I was hoping for 100 dollars a keggle or so. Thanks.
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    All grain brew suggestions?

    I am thinking about buying a keggle for a mash tun. I would be brewing in the garage and would have the Bayou classic with kettle as a burner and for heating sparge water. Would I need a second burner? I could heat the sparge water and strike water inside on the stove. It is an electric...
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    estimating OG

    I brewed a Belgian ale almost 2 weeks ago. I know from posting in other forums that I took a hydrometer reading that was inaccurate. I read 1.150. But bases on others opinions including my own I have decided that reading is false. So based on this recipe I am trying to estimate my OG and...
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    which wort chiller?

    Christmas is coming and I am planning on switching to all grain brewing methods. I brew with a partner so 10 gallon batches are going to be needed. I think I have already decided on a convereted keggle for a mash tun. I found on for 230 dollars with all of the bells and whistles, welded...
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    Scorched brewpot

    I scorched a couple spots on my brewpot last Saturday brewing a belgian ale. I think I had some candi sugar that didn't get stirred well enough or something. Anyone have any ideas on a good way to get it back to clean? I know you aren't supposed to use scouring pads but I don't think a wash...
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    How long should I condition for?

    I just finished a belgian ale Saturday and it has been ferementing now for a couple days. It has a very high OG of 1.160. Should I just do the normal 6 week routine? Or should I let it age a while. It is supposed to finish somewhere between 10 and 15% ABV. Here is the recipe. .5lb Belgian...
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    CO2 fill ups

    I just found a kegerator on Craigslist that is ready to go with lines regulators taps and kegs. I know I was talking about an all grain setup but this got me thinking, if I were to keg my own beer, does anyone have any idea where to get the co2 tank filled in the Beaverton or SW Portland metro...
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    Thinking of an all grain setup

    I am going to try and talk my brother in law into taking the all grain route of brewing. That way I have someone to split the cost with. Right now I have a few extract batches completed and the equipment to do 3 gallon boils. I am going to see if maybe we could set something better up in...
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    Tonight I was on my way home from visiting a friends and decided a beer sounded good. I remember my malt liquor drinking days as a young lad in high scholl and decided, how about a few Mikckey's 22's. Well the Plaid Pantry did not have them so Instead of buying a decent micorbrew like I should...
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    Tiger beer?

    What do you guys think of it. I tried it tonight for the first time and I think it is pretty damn good. The bottle is 1 pt 12 oz I think and it was like 2.78 or something like that. This is a good lager, it is really sweet.