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    fermentation cooling fail, maybe

    So I schlepped on down to lowes and bought the mini fridge for 79.00. plugged it into my ferm chamber and no joy. I did not put a fan in, it is on it's way. It will not cool. As fermentation increased so did the temp. Not horrible but hovering around 70 now. I squireld my hand into the...
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    a Homer Simpson moment, Dooohhhh

    If working in the brew haus in bare feet, it is best if you close the valve on the boil kettle prior to transferring wort from the mash tun. Dohhh! Not burnt, but hurt feelings for being a dumb A$$! Eric
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    outlaw calculations and a sieve analysis

    Math was never my strong suit, but I will give it a go. Maybe a math major can clean it up for me. lol Gallons on hand divided by daily consumption over 2 week delay from more beer equals outlaw road trip mandatory. I loaded the truck up and struck out in the face of the covid travel ban for...
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    dumb question?

    So several years in I am doing a recipe that calls for flaked barely and roasted barley. It all goes through the mill with the rest of the grain? Eric
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    Keezer with no collar?

    So my craigslist kegerator is on the fritz. 3 years usage for 200.00 spent, no worries. On to my question. What would any issues be with taking my tower off said kegerator and attaching it to the lid? I am seeing the path of least resistance with the parts I already have. Plus I am eye...
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    Post boil procedure

    So I have been working my way through the all star recipe's on this board. I prefer porters and stouts, but did the raging irish on a whim and really liked it. All these had a low volume of hops. Today I did Yoopers ale recipe. It had the most hops in my brewing history as well as the most...
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    OMG Knottingham!

    So I pitched two rehydrated packs in 12 gallons of wort with an og of 1.072 at 55 degrees on Sunday afternoon. Late Monday the ferm chamber had warmed it up to 68, and I had mild activity. Tuesday morning I checked the brew haus and the fermenter had puked about 1/2 gallon on the floor. I...
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    bone head move with us05

    So I brewed and chilled as normal. Pitched at 70 and closed up new fermenting chamber. Came back and temp probe was at 83! Opened chamber to let heat out. Heater had not fired in that time. Either my floating thermo was way off, or my probe is. I have a secondary temp gauge in the chamber...
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    who is brewing on turkey day?

    I am and my heater for my new fermenter chamber is being delivered wed. Any one else? Eric
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    what to brew next?

    Hi all! As summer is here and I have more time to brew I am looking for 5 gallon batch recipes of your house favorites you are willing to share. All grain of course, which is why I am posting here. My house pours are the " Edmund fitzgerald clone" and the " raging Irish red" What makes your...
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    Things I have learned

    Well I am coming up on 1 year of home brewing. I am the guy that went all grain right from the starting gate. I try and learn more every brew, and 100+ gallons on I am still learning. Thought I would share some insights from my young perspective. 1. Mill your own grain even if you have to...
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    low carbonation

    So 20 some years ago when I got off the bud train in favor of better beer, I always gravitated towards porters and stouts. In retrospect It was the carbonation that drove my taste profile. 10 months after starting to home brew, 100 gallons done. I brewed an Irish red. Choosing not to...
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    looking for a robust red

    So I never thought I would say these words.... I am bored with my Porter. Can anyone suggest a full bodied darker in color than most Irish red? I have perused the usual sources for recipes and am not impressed. Am brewing 10g all grain. Please help me out of my rut! Eric
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    It's official........

    So 8 months into my brewing odyssey the LHBS is closing. No other stores closer than 2 hours away from my location. Looking online to buy grains for 11 gallon batches, shipping seems to be the deal breaker for cost. How do others handle this? Eric
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    question about re-pitching

    So this batch is on day 14 of fermentation. og was 1.060 gravity now is 1.030. That should yield a 3.9 abv or there about. fermentation was done at 65-72 with wyoo7. If I do not have a gravity change in the next couple of days, what happens if I re-pitch to determine if I am leaving...
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    I feel like I have arrived

    So brew day number six is in the fermenter. I zeroed in volumes and temps I think. I lost more volume in the boil than I estimated, but added back distilled water prior to the fermenter. After the water add back I still had 1.060 for a og. I pitched my starter that was made from my washed...
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    all grain heretic thought?

    So as I struggle to get my all grain set up working better, efficiency is my issue. No big surprise there. Question? After the boil and cooling, you test and find out that your projected og of 1.060 is really 1.045. Can you add fermentable sugar at this point without adding sweet? What...
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    Question about starter

    So I am moving into my fourth brew day. Everyone is getting better. The last batch I made it to 5% by using a starter I made, mashed to cool. I have 2 quarts of yeast left from batch number 3. I did not wash it but cold crashed bottom of fermenter stuff and poured off the beer when...
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    mash temps and tweaking your day

    So I got my third all grain under my belt. First 2 batches made really good table beer @ 3%. This batch I really tried to dial in my mash temps. The table beer batches were mashed to hot and my local brew guru said it reminded him of " Kentucky common beer". This bath I dialed in my mash in...
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    Holy fermentation Batman!

    So my third batch of beer in, I made a starter. 1# dme 3 liters of water, and 11 gallons of wort at 1.050 in a 15g fermenter pitched at 61 degrees F. 18 hours later I discovered that the s airlock was empty of fluid and about a quart of foam/wort was on the lid of the fermenter. I whipped up...