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    Need wiring diagram for pid

    Hi, I have a Auber 2352, a ssr with 32v input coil and a 5500 watt heating element, I have a 3 wire 220v circuit( 2 hots and a ground) I would like to build it with an on/off switch and an indicator light, anybody have a diagram for this?
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    Stainless control panel enclosure for electric brewing

    Hi, i have for sale a stainless steel enclosure, its made with 304 stainless steel. It measures 16"x16"x8", it has all of the holes punched in the door for switches, lights, pids, timer etc, has the holes punched in the bottom for receptacles and also the hole in the top for the heatsink for...
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    1/2" tri clover weld ferrule fittings

    Hi, im currently working on getting the tri clover fittings machined for me and my brothers brew rig. We purchased enough material to make a bunch of extras, i think we need roughly 80 of these and have enough material for quite a few, we have to pay for the setup fees at the machine shop on a...
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    Gator grit pads, and polishing stuff info...too fast....

    Well i hae been doing some work on my brewstand and here is what i have come up with. Alot of people on here use the medium and fine grit gator grit surface prep pads and then use the felt polishing pads on an angle grinder . Going from the fine grit pad to polishing with the lowes compound...
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    diy remote keezer to taps glycol line cooler?

    Say i have a keezer in a back room, and i want to run say 25' to taps, heres my idea place say a 50' coil of 3/8" copper in your keezer, have it connected to a pump outside of the keezer, then run a hose along the beer lines running down the lines and back to the coil, (maybe even through a...
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    ordering 3 bg14's, which reg from agrisupply?

    I am wanting to order these asap, they are 3 bg14 high pressure burners which regulator from them will work best? will this one work?
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    why not a large stainless sock in the mash tun?

    Instead of a false bottom, why not a large stainless sock that would fit into the keggle? I could make one thats nice and ridgid with a stainless rod frame, then it would be really easy to discard the grain after brewing....
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    Looking for tri clover fittings

    Im looking for the best place with the best prices for tri clover clamps, ferrels and gaskets, anybody have a good source?
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    Diy conical?

    anybody using toledos hoppers for a diy conical fermenter? Im considering building a conical after im done building the brewstand, only thing thats keeping me from building one is that theyres ready made ones for $500 and look to be made from toledo's hoppers...
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    The great stainless single tier begins!

    I have been doing alot of research on bre stand designs and i have finalized the design. This week i will be cutting and forming all of the parts for the top. I will be using .105(12 gauge) 316 stainless sheet for all of the parts for the top. I will be bending them at work on a cnc press...
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    march pump mounting holes

    Im currently building my bre stand and need some dimensions of the mounting holes for a march pump, im making the plates at work and dont have the pumps yet, i just need the dimensions from the center to center of the holes so i can makes these plates and weld them to the stand, any help would...
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    the importance of such a high degree of sanitation??

    Ok, i have a few questions, i know that alot of people on here overbuild and just go crazy on theyre brew rigs, but heres my main concern, i have seen alot of flaming about people not getting perfect sanitary welds on fittings on kettles and keggles, i can see if you hae giant gabing pits here...
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    Need dimensions of a banjo burner please

    Im designing my brothers brew stand that i am beginning to build, to finalize my design i need to know the dimensions of a banjo burner like the BG14, i need to know the width of the burner from OD.-OD. of the 4 monting hole locations, it says its a 10" burner but im sure its not 10", i need to...
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    building a brew stand and need some burner info please

    Well i am new to the forums, im currently designing a brew stand for my brother that is a member here, he currently brews quite a bit of beer and just this weekend we enjoyed an entire corny of his beer, i get to see him a couple times a year and im trying to find something that we will both...