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  1. OSUmoney83

    Celis White

    Anyone tried this? Found it today after hearing it mentioned on here years ago. This is absolutely fantastic.
  2. OSUmoney83

    It's Hard to Wait

    It really is. There is something comforting about having your beer in bottles, not having to stress too much about temp control, knowing there's no step left that can produce an off flavor. Just wait and it's great. I'm just getting back in the game after 6 years, and I was never really...
  3. OSUmoney83

    Need a good home brew Pale Ale or IPA

    Does anyone want to send me a sample of a good home brew Pale or IPA, or anything really? I've never had the opportunity to try a good one, just my 3 mediocre attempts at a imperial stout from a kit, a brown ale with off flavors, and a seriously under-hopped, low ABV American wheat beer...
  4. OSUmoney83

    Looking For: Simple IPA recipe 5 Gallon Extract

    Just getting back into brewing after a long hiatus. I have two single-hop pale ales in primaries but I want to get a nice IPA going. Looking for a basic, middle of the road IPA recipe that will clock in around 6.5-7 ABV, extract, 5 gallon batch. some of favorite commercial IPA's are...
  5. OSUmoney83

    Found 6 year old bag of wheat malt extract and it smells good

    So I'm getting back into brewing, after catching a couple minutes of Alton Brown's homebrew good eats. I unpacked my equipment after what has to be 6 years of brewing, and found a bag of wheat malt extract, which has now hardened into a caramel solid. It actually smells really good. it's...
  6. OSUmoney83

    just add yeast to cider?

    I'm shaking the rust of my homebrewing skills, and wanted to go through the motions for when I start my next batch of beer. Anyways I saw 1/2 gallons of apple cider at the grocery, made sure it had no preservatives, then sanitized a gallon jug, dumped in the cider and a packet of yeast from...
  7. OSUmoney83


    I recently tried this amazing drink in Italy over the summer, It is anywhere form 50-70 proof I'm guessing, and taste like fresh lemonade. I saw some turbo yeast at the HBS that claims it will ferment to around 20% ABV, so I was gonna try and make my own version. Anyone heard/tried this stuff...
  8. OSUmoney83

    Imperial Stouts

    A beautiful thing to behold these beers are. Just tried the Left Hand Brewing Co. offering and was impressed. Problem is, I haven't found one of these I don't love, so its hard to give an unbiased review. Next on my list to try is Stone Imperial Stout, I would have bought that tonight instead...
  9. OSUmoney83

    Gordon Biersch Pils

    Just picked up a Gordon Biersch pilsener sixer yesterday. Took a whiff, smelled grainy, just like boiling wort. Taste was rather bland, slight bitterness but no hop flavor or aroma. Didn't have that nice refreshing "bite" towards the end that I look for in a pilsner. There is a Gordon...
  10. OSUmoney83

    yeast starter

    Just had my first pitch from a starter and wow am I impressed. I was directly pitching from wyeast XL smack packs thinking there was no point to a starter, but after seeing the bucket start to swell in 1 hour and bubbling in 2-3, I see why they are reccomended. From now on, I'm making a...
  11. OSUmoney83

    Hopping the priming solution

    I just transfered my brown ale to the secondary and had a taste, and found it was lacking in hop presence. It wasn't too sweet or anything, I just needed the hops to give me more of a smack in the face, for aroma and taste. Since my local HBS is closed until wed this week, Ill have to wait...
  12. OSUmoney83

    Dry hopping add bitterness?

    will dry hopping in the secondary add any bitterness or just aroma?
  13. OSUmoney83

    Anyone tried Great Lakes?

    I live in the midwest region and just recently I've had a chance to sample some of the Great Lakes brewery beers from Cleveland, OH. I had the burning river pale ale, and IMO, it blows sierra out of the water. I've also seen good reviews of their Edmund Fitzgerald porter. If anyone has tried...
  14. OSUmoney83

    Aeration tip

    If anyone is having trouble getting their wort properly oxygenated and they want a simple solution, just spend $1.99 on a decent whisk, thats what they're made for. I was having this problem for my first few batches until I recalled a couple cooking shows about incorporating air into liquids...
  15. OSUmoney83

    Anyone with a good newcastle recipe?

    About to start up a new batch and I wanted to make a newcastle clone. If anyone has a good recipe for it let me know. Any help is appreciated. :cool:
  16. OSUmoney83

    Using bottling bucket as a primary

    Since my primary fermenter and bottling bucket are identical, with the exception of the spigot, I was thinking about using the bottling bucket as the primary fermenter for my next batch, with the idea that when it came time to transfer to the carboy I could simply attach some siphon hose to the...
  17. OSUmoney83

    Priming Pellets

    I was in My local homebrew store the other day when I came across these. What's the deal with them? anyone tried them, if so how did they work out? Is there a sacrifice of flavor compared to priming with DME? Any knowledge is appreciated.
  18. OSUmoney83

    beer in airlock

    Just wondering what to do in case of beer bubbling through the airlock. Should it be sanitized and replaced? It doesn't appear that it'll reach all the way to the top and out, so I was wondering if I could just leave it as is, since I'll be transfering it to a bottling bucket anyways in a...