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  1. MSamu

    Regulator questions

    So I'm taking my first beer ever I've always bottle-conditioned before. And as I'm putting CO2 into the beer The Keg I noticed that my CO2 regulator is not set up for pounds per square inch but setup for cubic feet an hour or liters per minute I'm not sure what I should use or how much right now...
  2. MSamu

    Co2 regulators

    I am new to kegging. I have a tank and keg I have lines but no regulators. Can I use one from welding supply store instead of ordering online?
  3. MSamu

    Size of CO2 tank

    Question I have a friend who just gave me a multi tap Keezer and a couple kegs. Would a 5lb tank be large enough for 2 to three kegs at a time?
  4. MSamu


    Hey Brewers, I have a question? I am getting ready to brew a spiced ale Old Fezzi Wig style. Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon. And Orange zest. I am just not sure how much spice to use for 5 gallons. Any thoughts? Mike :mug:
  5. MSamu

    Dry Hopping whole leaf

    I plan on brewing a imperial black IPA. And I bought 1 lbs. of whole leaf cascade hops. 5 gallon batch how much hops do I add after fermentation is complete. I figure I will leave them in for 1 week just prior to bottling. I just don't know how much. The recipe I am basing this on uses just...
  6. MSamu

    Yeast types

    Question I am getting ready to brew an Imperial Dark IPA. And because I don't have a way to regulate temp. I need a heat tolerant yeast. My house at times gets to be 78-80 degrees. Can I use a Belgian yeast to make an IPA?.
  7. MSamu

    OG and FG

    Good evening, I just bottled my latest beer. And checked a final gravity. The OG was 1.04 the FG was 0.94. equaling 13.13 abv that seems way to high. Could that be accurate? It is a wort challenge I re-boiled 2 of the 5 gallons added 2 tbsp. coriander, 2 oz. of cascade hops with 15 min left...
  8. MSamu

    Hop pellets

    I have a question I hope someone can help. After the boil I added hop pellets. Should I strain the wort prior to placing it in the carboy or just pour it in and hope it settles. I do strain the wort will the flavor be weaker? Thanks Mike:mug:
  9. MSamu

    Squeeze or not to squeeze

    I just read that you should not squeeze the grain bag to express the liquid left inside. I just did an all grain batch and squeezed the hell out of it then I poured water through it and squeezed again until I had close to the max water, 5 gallons. Is this bad I squeezed the bags last brew but I...
  10. MSamu

    Adding Coconut when.

    I am brewing coconut porter. I the recipe says to add to secondary. I don't use a secondary. It has been fermenting 8 days. No more bubbles. I plan on letting it sit and clean up for 1 month ( 3 more weeks). How long should I wait to add the fresh toasted coconut. If I did it today or tomorrow...
  11. MSamu

    Sulfur Smell ????

    Yesterday I brewed my Coconut porter. Put in my room ( the most consistent temp around 75 degrees) And this AM noticed it was bubbling. I also noticed a sulfur smell A very very strong sulfur smell. I have brewed 4 batches before and never had this smell. I think it is the yeast I'm using I...
  12. MSamu

    Sulpher smell ?

    I just brewed yesterday my Coconut porter. Put in my room ( the most consistent temp) And this AM noticed it was bubbling. I also noticed a sulpher smell. I have 4 batches before and never had this smell. I think it is the yeast I'm using I used 2 pouches of Wyeast London Ale III in this 5...
  13. MSamu

    No DME?

    I just ordered supplies for a coconut porter. I downloaded the recipe form the internet. And now several hrs later I am thinking ( we all know what trouble that can cause) That there was no malt extract or DME in the recipe. The recipe is; 8.5 lbs Pale malt Maris Otter 1.5 Lbs Chocolate...
  14. MSamu

    Coconut Porter

    Just a quick question. Should I use store bought pre-sweetened coconut or should I buy fresh coconuts. shred it dry and roast it ect. :mug:
  15. MSamu

    Poor Carbonation

    I brewed a dark ale several months ago. Bottled it 2 Months ago and though the taste is very good it still after 2 months in the bottles has low carbonation. Someone suggested getting the "sugar" Pills opening the bottles and adding the tabs then resealing the bottles and waiting a month. I'm...
  16. MSamu

    Do I add more sugar?

    I am considering changing my beer into a secondary. when I do do I add more Molasas and Brown sugar or just transfer for clarity's sake? I am about 20 days into fermentation and plan on bottleling at around one month. :mug:
  17. MSamu


    Considering brewing a saison. Does it ferment at ale temp or larger temp. I Don't have the setup for larger. :mug:
  18. MSamu

    Priming sugar

    I forgot to buy Priming sugar. And I am not sure if I need to? I have heard that I can use Corn syrup, Brown sugar or Molasses. Is that true? that should add a little extra flavor, won't it? Thank mike
  19. MSamu

    What could go wrong???

    So I boiled my first all grain brew. I poured it into my new carboy. and it seemed very full. I may have added about 1/2 a gallon too much water after I looked at what I had done. I tasted the wort last night and it had a very good flavor. But today I recieved a call at work that foam is comming...
  20. MSamu

    Changing recipe????

    I have a recipe for Pumpkin ale and I have decided not to use Pumpkin in it due to the time of year. Should I use all the ingrediants I have or should I start over. here is what I have 1 lb of German Vienna Malt 1 lb of crystal malt 1 lb of chocolate wheat malt 6 lbs of Dried powder...