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    would it still be ok?

    i have had a brown ale in the bottle for nearly 2 weeks today i tasted it and it was dead set filthy. cant even describe the flavour. i think it is way overcarbonated. gassiness more like a cider although it wasnt refridgerated would it help if i put 1 in the fridge for couple days and try again
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    sterile water

    is it better to use bottled water in beer and do you have to use sterilesed water in the air lock
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    leave it for longer?

    i have a brew in primary at the moment the recipe says it is ready when fg is 1008 og was 1048 it has been down for 10 days and i checked today reading was 1020 should i leave it for longer or was og too high
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    anything wrong?

    my second batch of beer is in primary at the moment but there is no bubbles coming through the airlock the same thing happened with my first batch will this effect any main components i need if air is obviously getting in somewhere. fermentation is happening because ichecked gravity og 1042...
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    is it true you get a bigger hangover from homebrew i am currently drinking my first batch should i regret it when i wake up or is it a myth
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    when you guys speak of clearing do u mean clearng as in the beer is clear not cloudy? i just had one ready to go (drinking it as i speak) that tastes really good but it is cloudy is this because of no secondary, or not left in the bottle long enough? or is thishow homebrew normally is (this is...
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    any additions to secondary

    i have an ale down at the moment in primary do i need to add anything to the secondary fermentation besides the beer and is a regular fermenter fine for secondary?
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    no bubbles

    i just bottled my first brew during fermentation there was no bubbles coming through the airlock. does this mean the fermentation didnt happen? the og reading was 1020 this was just from extract concentrate i bottled anyway because the recipe said ferment for a week and og will be anywhere...
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    secondry brew

    what is the purpose of secondary brewing all the stuff ive read on here says to use secondary but i only got the fermenter does it make the beer better using secondary
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    what is a cook pot

    i have read a few things on this site and it always mentions a cook pot. what is a cook pot i have only done 1 batch and in instructions it said mix the concentrate with boiling water and sugar stir until dissolved add cold water yeast and leave for a week bottle for 2 weeks then its ready is...
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    any good brew kits

    i am new to brewing so i just wondering if anybody got any good recipes of a draught beer or blonde style and if the kits are available in australia? im only familiar with the can stuff (the only one ive used) with the yeast and you just add water
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    bitter beer

    i am new to brewing just made one batch to date. before bottling it tasted fine just like warm beer but its been bottled for about a week now and i opened one and it tastes very bitter i made it exactly to manufacture instructions except i used normal cane sugar instead of the sugar that came...