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    Ebay Temp Controller Displaying "HHH"-

    Apparently this means that it senses a temp of +110*. My garage is about 60*right now. My worry is that I will be mashing and boiling at + 110*. does this mean that these temp controllers will not work for my application?
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    Ebay Temp controller Displaying "HHH"

    I have read that this means that the sensor detects 110* +. Right now its like 60 in my garage. How is this possible? Does this mean that these controllers wont work past 110.
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    Need help with relay selection....Urgent, Please!!!

    I need relays for my brew stand. I dont know which relays I need. My componets are all 100v(asco valves, pumps, lights switches). I am running three way switches (on-off-auto). AUTO goes to the temp controller, then to the solenoid valve which controls the gas. ON will fire the solenoid...
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    Beer Songs?

    I want to compile a bunch of beer songs to play while brewing. I was hoping we could come up with a list. There are hundreds of Irish drinking songs, but I am hoping you guys know of some of the more abstract ones. As the list is made it would be great if you could copy the list, paste it...
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    Wiring and Componet selection help

    Hey Guys. I am at the stage in my build where I need to start thinking about ordering my selector switches. I am running HP propane burners, ((I know, "This is the electric section") I still need to control my gas brewery with electric switches). Anyways, I need 2, three position switches...
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    My Sculpture was not created equal!

    I have been brewing for about 3 years. I love the hobby, and the results of the hard work that I have put in to it. Almost a year ago I decided to build a single-tier system. I wanted it to be a bit different then the rest though. I have taken a few photo's during the progress, I will try to...
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    Working in Indiana, need craft beer?

    Last weekend I drove from San Diego to northern Indiana for work. I would like to Check out the local beer scene. I know Three Floyds is in this area. Would be really cool to get in on a home brew session. I have Sundays off. Need something to do.
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    What is your idea of the perfect Homebrew store?

    If you could design your ideal Home Brew Store, what would it be like? What would be the most important feature of the store? What would make you continue to give this store your business? What would set it apart from the rest?
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    Help with cherry nut brown, with Brett

    I recently brewed 12 gallons of a Nut Brown. 6 gallons fermented with 007 English dry, and the other 6 with 005 British ale. I really like how clean the 007 batch came out( pre-carb) so I'm gonna keg it. The 005 batch has some residual base and attenuated not quite as low as the 007. All of...
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    Mammoth Brewing CO. "Nut Brown Ale" - From the brewer himself!

    Hey all. Just wanted to share this recipe and experience with you. Back in January my family went on a ski trip to June Lake in central CA. While there I enjoyed a pitcher of Mammoths "Nut Brown Ale". Oh man, it was so good. So I have wanted to get around to brewing a clone of it. So the...
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    where to get inexpensive pilot safety valves?

    I need 3 pilot safety valves. Anyone have a good source for some.
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    Brutus Paint...What color?

    I am almost done with the metal work on my single tier stand. I need to start thinking about paint. I would like to powder coat it but its just not in the budget at this time. I can never get photos to show up so I will just tell you what I got. Basically it your standard single tier...
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    What controller do I need?

    Could someone please tell me, and maybe even post a link to a controller that will work for my LP Gas Brutus. I will be using Asco valves for the gas?:mug:
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    What gas valve to use?????

    If any body has a similar setup please chime in. I want to basically flip a switch and have my burner light. I have 4" high pressure propane burners. I have been reading specs on gas valves for two days now. I am hoping someone has this setup and will lemme know what they have. Thanks...
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    How do I do this?...Manual switch burner controls

    This is what I would like to be able to have. I am building my single tier brute. I am not looking for total automation. However, I would like to basically be able to turn on my main gas supply valve, flip a switch, and viola, flame. I know that I will use a needle type valve to adjust the...
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    Help with OG addjustment

    Can someone please tell me how to figure this out? My original gravity was 1.055 I then added 2 1/2 # of honey. My wort volume was 6 gallons I need to know what my total OG was to figure my abv. This fermented down to 1.010 Thanks
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    How do I do this?..."simple switch controled burners"

    This is what I would like to be able to have. I am building my single tier brute. I am not looking for total automation. However, I would like to basically be able to turn on my main gas supply valve, flip a switch, and viola, flame. I know that I will use a needle type valve to adjust the...
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    Visited BLACK MARKET Brewing co last night.

    These guys won a gold at the GABF for there Rye IPA. They have a small tasting area in the front. It was very simple and cool. They currently run on a 15 barrel system, but will be expanding in a couple months. Beer was good, Andrew(owner) was very welcoming. Congrats guys.:mug:
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    What is Lambic & Wild Brewing

    I have been brewing for a couple of years. I have heard of making beers with wild yeast, and have read posts about pitching bugs to the fermenter's. But I cannot find a "one stop" thread explaining "What is Lambic & Wild brewing". I am looking for something explained in a fairly simple way that...
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    Day 3, of June Lake snowboarding trip.

    Man this has been great. The runs are empty, the town is cool, and the local liquor, hardware, clothing, drug, gift store carries Stone IPA. What else could I ask for? They also carry Mammoth Brewing beers. Their Nut Brown Ale is great. I killed a pitcher of that the first night. June Lake, Ca...