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    Drinking in California

    just a correction....Sierra Nevada is in Chico CA located about 2.5 hours north of Sacramento. Northern CA
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    Show me your tubes.

    I belive its called a pickup tube. I used a 1/2" diameter by approx 8 to 10 inch long piece of copper tubing that I bent to arch from the coupling to the bottom of the keggle. I then soldered a male end to it that screws into the coupling. Seems to work very good and sucks up every last drop of...
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    Beer Judging

    I have never looked into how homebrew competitions are judged but I assume its similiar to a BBQ comp where the judges sample many different types of beer throughout the day. If I am wrong correct me. It got me to thinking after trying 3 different beers in one sitting how the judges could...
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    Beerswap- Glibbidy's Lager's

    No worries, I had fun swapping with you so if you send me another bottle that just means I have to ship you another. I tell ya what, we can set up another exchange in a few months and go from there. :drunk:
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    Beerswap- Aleholes Ales

    Thank's for the nice review. Mac & Jack's is not your typical amber by any means. Its not like an Alaskan Amber or Fat Tire. You can only buy it on tap up here in the NW and is has been one of my favorite beers ever since I moved here a few years ago. This batch is pretty close to the real thing...
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    Word Association

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    the new BYO -may/june - last page

    I read the article...what am I missing here? Just don't get what your talking about
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    Batch Sparge

    Check this website out put together by Denny Conn a pretty reputable homebrewer.
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    Beerswap- Glibbidy's Lager's

    Well Glibbidy and I did a beerswap on our own. We swapped 2 different beers each. He sent me a couple Lagers. One is his Bohemian Pilsner and the other his American Pilsner. Now being so new to homebrewing I have never had a hombrew lager or even thought of brewing a lager. I really had no...
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    Where do you buy your glasses?

    I second that. Also those places are where you want to look for pots and pans as well as kitchen gadgets. Many deals to be had.
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    Vanilla Bean Addition

    Slit the bean down the middle and scrape out all the goodies. Chop everything up (the goodies and the bean) pretty fine and add it to your secondary fermenter. If you are afraid of to much vanilla flavor just add half then taste it after a week and add more if you like. Some vanilla flavor will...
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    This is what a Border Collie Looks like...shaved

    Nah, I bet the dog is way more comfortable without all that hair. Just think of it as a summer cut.
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    Hate to do this, but am stuck fermenation?

    one piece of advice I can give from my experience is if you still have some good fermentation after 7 days don't rack it to secondary just because its been 7 days. Leave it sit on the primary yeast cake for another week and let the yeast do their thing and drop the gravity a few more points. I...
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    Water from an outdoor hose?

    Another for the white rv hose.
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    Barleywine recipe critique please

    Maybe I will add a bit of Munich. I really do not have enough experience to really know what this will add though. That makes me wonder how do you learn about malt and hops and what they add to a recipe. I mean, how do you know you love Munich?
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    Barleywine recipe critique please

    Any other opinions????
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    Barleywine recipe critique please

    I have put together my first recipe and its for a Barleywine based on Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Will some of you check this out and tell me what you think? Thanks in advance. Hairy Sasquatch Brew Type: All Grain Style: American Barleywine Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Volume: 7.00 gal Boil...
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    Call for Barleywine recipe

    Have you decided on a recipe yet or still hunting? I am still looking. Kinda want to stick with an AG recipe.
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    Bought my first BB today; airlock question

    I use a carboy cap on all 3 of my BB's. I have had problems with stoppers as well and are way to easy for my son to pull them out. I have never trimmed my cap's though. I always managed to force my airlock through the hole.
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    Call for Barleywine recipe

    I wondered that myself.... Beersmith software other than being a diet barleywine how do you think the recipe looks? edit= I figured it out. the readings for actual OG and FG were way low. I typed in 1.097 and 1.023 for 454 calories