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  1. TheWeeb

    Maybe a cool growler thread?

    Not sure if this will get any traction, or even worth the time, but I am like many out there that seem to accumulate growlers. I know some collect intentionally; for me, just seem to pick them up when I find myself at a new brewery without one to fill. Here is my latest, a stainless steel double...
  2. TheWeeb

    2015 Mazer Cup Opens

    Greetings, The 2015 Mazer Cup is soon opening up for entries. Who is participating, and what are you entering? For me, probably two, as I opened a bottle of my Game of Thrones mead the other night and it is so fantastic after two years in the basement. The other one will probably be a...
  3. TheWeeb

    Yippee eye pee aye!

    Starter note: Had only 36 hours, so built a big starter, 6L @ 1.060, and pitched two packages of 1056. Starters fermented fast and furious but had settled down by pitching time. 38 lbs Pale 2-row 3 lbs 60-70L Crystal 1 lb Aromatic Malt Single stage mash 60 min @152 (strike water was 16...
  4. TheWeeb

    Starters and headspace

    Interesting, what greeted me this morning. Doing a starter for a 1.082 IPA, Wyeast 1056, light DME, starter OG was 1.060 (big for big, I thought) and filled to the point in the growlers where they begin to taper. I have done dozens of starters in the past and had little to no krausen buildup...
  5. TheWeeb

    Brew in a Bottle

    Maybe a worthless thread, but in building a big starter for an Imperial IPA I miss-calculated the volume and ended up with a little bit extra. Rather than dump it out, I put it in a 1-liter bottle and added some leaf hops. I figure I will let it go for 3-4 days and then simply secure the flip...
  6. TheWeeb

    GABF Results!

    Though most will already have it, here is a link to the 2013 GABF results: Very proud to see my state of Colorado come in with 44 medals, second only to California with 52. Local favorites Trinity, Left Hand (x3), Prost, Dry...
  7. TheWeeb

    First Time home kegger, Sweet Painted Lady!

    Not a fancy kegearator like I lust for on these pages; that will come soon enough. For now, I can fit three in my basement 'fridge (two for now) and still have enough room for other stuff. These pin-lock kegs were a STEAL from Midwest Supplies - four for $99. They were untested and...
  8. TheWeeb

    Interesting fermentation bubbles

    This is my Bochet, five pounds of honey boiled down to hard crack dark caramelized stage, blended with five more pounds of honey and water to the 4 gallon mark. My past experience with wine and mead show very little krausen of course, but I guess with the stickyness of the honey the surface...
  9. TheWeeb

    2013 Mazer Cup International Home Mead Competition

    All, FYI, I'll be entering my first mead :) --------------- The 2013 Mazer Cup International Home Mead Competition Compete Against the Finest Meadmakers in the World Competition: March 15 & 16, 2013 Entries: Open January 11, 2013 Close: March 1, 2013 Dear Fellow Home Meadmakers...
  10. TheWeeb

    cool bung stuck situation, advice?

    This is a one-gallon batch of imperial red rye, yea, pushed the bung down the neck of the thing while attempting to get the airlock in. I did not want to push it into the wort, so I capped it with a home-made stopper - - rubber chair leg caps from WalMart - - which seems to work. I know I...
  11. TheWeeb

    quick response needed - wine nutrient for beer?

    Just started a batch of imperial red rye, and cannot find my normal yeast nutrient, but have Wyeast Wine Nutrient Blend for Mead, Cider, Skake, and distilling. Can I use this for my S-04 yeast in this brew? Would it help, do nothing, or harm? Many thanks!
  12. TheWeeb

    The Bruery "Freut" - - anyone try it yet?

    Last night I picked up a bottle of this anniversary brew, BA has it at a 96. The shop where I found it had the Autumn Maple, which is what I was after, and in discussion with their beer guy he recommended the Freut as "one of the best beers I have ever had." It cost $32.99 plus tax, so I am not...
  13. TheWeeb

    First Mead - Melomel - amazing!

    Here is a picture of my first mead, way too young with only two and a half months since it was 14 lbs of honey and 10 lbs of peaches... but still showing most excellent clearing and the taste is simply fantastic. In primary I used the honey blended with 6 lbs of the peaches which were sliced...
  14. TheWeeb

    Winter's Comming!

    Are you stocking up on great fermentables? Top to bottom: Cranberry/Raspberry Bochet Cranberry/Raspberry wine Peach Mead - 19% ABV! :drunk: Imperial double chocolate cupcake stout - for Christmas Dry Dock Apricot Blonde clone - First brew by my gal Jennifer! :mug:
  15. TheWeeb

    Lady Rumpkin Homebrew vs. Elysian Great Pumpkin

    I picked up a bomber of Elysian's The Great Pumpkin imperial Pumpkin Ale for $9.95 at a liquor store here in Denber, and as soon as I opened it, wondered how it compared to my own Lady Rumpkin version that I had bottled just two short weeks ago. A completely biased side by side taste test was in...
  16. TheWeeb

    advice on a mead yeast please

    Greetings, Three weeks ago I made a pretty big peach mead, SG was 1.126, I knew I should have made a big starter for this but thought the yeast could just reproduce and grow as they ate through the nectar, so I just pitched the smackpack of 4184. Slow activity and after three weeks it...
  17. TheWeeb

    Twine or Wire, any difference?

    Noob to hop growing, started last year using twine from ground to second story eaves. The twine did not fair well over the winter, and I have a spool of fencing wire that I am thinking of using this year. Do the hops care what they cling to? Can they equally climb smooth wire as they do twine...
  18. TheWeeb

    Best Craft Beer Art - Help Please!

    Greetings! A friend and I are writing a book on craft beer art, not a book on beer labels, but one that will explore the great art that is produced in conjunction with the production of great beer, that yes, usually ends up on labels. I am thinking art like the Hunter S Thompson inspired...
  19. TheWeeb

    2012 AHA National Competition, what did you enter, and are you going to Seattle?

    I saw a thread about registration, but how about one to post what you have entered, and if you are making the trip to Seattle? Since the forum restricts poll questions to 10, I had to combine some categories, but could be interesting to see what we all brew and consider our "best" for the...
  20. TheWeeb

    BJCP Style Help Please

    Greetings, I am going to enter my Red Stag Rye in the national competition this year, and having trouble with which category to enter it in. It is an imperial red rye that comes in at 10% abv, with a wonderful malt/rye/hop backbone, aged on medium char oak soaked in 8oz of Red Stag cherry...