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    Help bringing up SG

    Ok, I need the help of some of you math wizzes. I have mixed up a batch of Coopers Heritage lager, and I added 1 litre too much. So what I have is 24 litres of wort with an sg of 1.034 and 250 grams of brewing sugar that I could add. The question is: How much would the 250 grams of...
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    Yet another gravity question

    I'm getting prepared to brew my first ag batch. From what I've read, I will collect around 6 gallons of wort for a 5-gal batch. Do you take a pre-boil gravity reading? If so, what should it be; if the og should be around 1.040?
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    Simple Tip for Installing Valve on Aluminum Kettle

    The problem with getting a valve to properly seal is because of the curvature of the kettle. So, if you are installing a weldless valve fitting try this: After drilling the hole, assemble your ball valve, but Leave off the o-rings!! If you have two washers, put one on each side, next to the...