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    Pump suggestions

    I used a system like this for years and it works great for the minimal amount of equipment needed. The chugger pump mentioned above is a good choice and Bobby is a great vendor. A lot of homebrewers use that pump so if you have any problems you will probably get a lot of help.
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    Brewer's Hardware Kettles

    I had the same problem with the mash tun false bottom leaking grain. I made a gasket fix it: The gasket works really well. I can't run my march pump wide open without pulling wort faster than it drains off the bed. I use a grant so...
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    Modifying a Chugger pump head

    Yes, I did this with silver solder and it works great. I would use this adapter next time.
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    Brewer's Hardware Kettles

    I have been using a brewers hardware kettle with the dip tube on the side. It works well as my bk.
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    Ball valves suck, trying out 1/2" threaded butterfly valves

    Depends. If you disassemble the valve to clean it, it is easy to keep crud from accumulating. But if like me you just run and or soak pbw through the valve, then crud can build up. The three piece ball valves I had were a pain to disassemble. Butterfly valves are nice because no...
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    Ball valves suck, trying out 1/2" threaded butterfly valves

    How about a 1" Tri Clover Compatible Butterfly Valve? I use them in my brew setup. Shiny, heavy, and expensive. This looks interesting. I...
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    First All Grain. When to add specialty grains?

    I am one of those AG brewers that does not mash specialty grains. Instead they are added to the mash tun just before mash out. By the time mash out temp is reached, they seemed to be steeped enough. I like the results.
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    batch sparge calculator

    Cool. Glad you liked it. According to google analytics 99 people used it in the last 30 days. Bob
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    Crushed insulation while installing tap shanks

    I crushed the insulation. Not a lot. Just enough to counter sink the edges of the nut. It worked pretty well.
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    Chest Freezer and Thermostat

    Is the freezer empty? If so, try with a fermenter filled with water and tape the probe to the side of the fermenter.
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    BIAB water calculator

    0.07 gallons/lb absorption is a common default value for biab. For a hard squeeze it is probably too high. Bob
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    BIAB water calculator

    Instead of an option I did a quick hack and created a new calculator. I also added an "Evaporation Rate" result. So if you change your batch size or boil time you can easily switch to the regular BIAB calculator. Enjoy, Bob
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    BIAB water calculator

    Cool. Glad you like it. Bob
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    BIAB water calculator

    Yes, that will work. Use the menu to the left of the calculator. "File > Save" will save the data. And of course "File > Open" will retrieve it. Another way is to use the "Summary" tab on the calculator and just cut/paste the text into wordpad or whatever app you have locally. Bob
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    BIAB water calculator

    Let me know if I can help with understanding the features. Or any improvements in general. HBT won't let you embed raw html into forum posts. Maybe someday if these online calculators become popular we can get a special syntax to have them embedded. It would be cool (at least to me) to be...
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    BIAB water calculator

    I created a brew in a bag online calculator for determining mash water amount and temperature. This is a simple calculator much like the other biab calcs out there. Units are US gallons and fahrenheit temperature. The calculator is open source. Feel...
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    Can't find a pump that doesn't hide bacteria

    This is what I do. Only takes a couple of minutes.
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    Better Bottle Stopper

    I use the bb brand stoppers. They are not cheap, but they work really well.
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    Endless thermometer calibration

    Your floating thermometer probably has good repeatability at mash temps. Many folks report similar problems with mechanical thermometers. If you are not doing some kind of automated recirculation (rims/herms) then a +/- 3 F variation in mash temp is not surprising. Yes, it is unrealistic to...
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    shopping for a pH meter

    Yes, those are the three to get. Not included with the meter. I also got a cleaning solution that I rinse the probe in. No idea if it is adding any value. Bob