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  1. J

    CL find not mine Demijohns - 8 Demijohns for wine making or beer brewing - $100 (Suff

    Wish I were closer looks like a nice find
  2. J

    AG system north jersey not mine

    just thought I would pass this along. I have no knowledge of this guy or the system.
  3. J

    glycol beverage cooler north jersey not mine

    Thought I would pass this along
  4. J

    what to do with a 60 gal kettle?

    I posted a while back and asked how to remove wasp killer from stainless steel. This is the piece of equipment I was referring to. I just really don't know if I would ever use this thing. When I was able to pick this up I had no idea how big it would be.
  5. J

    cleaner/sanitizer question

    Is there a sticky or a good post on the amounts of different products for cleaning and sanitizing. For example I use 1 tablespoon od oxiclean per gallon of water. In some posts I have seen people post that they use 1 scoop per gallon. The scoop that came with mine is a half cup and seems like...
  6. J

    remove hornet killer

    I came into possession of a large stainless kettle. The previous owner informed that at one time there was a hornets nest in it. To get rid of them he used an ortho wasp and hornet killer. Do I need to take extra steps to make sure I remove all the poison?
  7. J

    How to clean a sanke coupler or tap

    Sorry if I am using the wrong terminology. What I am trying to do is take apart and clean a sanke coupler or tap. The fitting that actually connects to the keg. Is there a way to take it apart. I have had it soaking overnight and there is still some green corrosion looking stuff on it. The stuff...
  8. J

    gottalove craigs list

    I just got back from picking up a nice little haul. Six (6) Tap Keg System There is even more stuff than in the pictures. It came with a stainless drip tray for 6 taps. 5 regulators all together, the nitrogen mixer, a manifold with six outputs, the six taps with handles, and six sanke...
  9. J

    Mt. Snow October fest Oct. 11-12

    Anyone headed out to the event this weekend. The admission is high but I plan on being there Saturday.
  10. J

    4th AG today

    I just finished my 4th AG batch. Everything went real smooth for the first time. I never had any major problems but this is getting easier. This batch was a Autumn Amber and came out at 84% efficient. A very big thank you to Bobby_M and his 2nd NJ brewing seminar. It was really a great day of...
  11. J

    2nd AG on Thursday

    Did my 2nd AG with my 19 year old daughter as my assistant. We had a good day and things went much smother than my first. My efficiency was a little lower this time coming in at 77.7%. I used beersmith set at 75% so I will be ok. The blow off is done and it is settled down to a nice steady...
  12. J

    key bank charges

    I just have to rant on this with over 400 in charges in less than one month. Then when I try to straighten it out I get lied to by the bank manager. This is the statement I have posted on other forums. Do not open a key bank account. If your account does not have sufficient funds you will...
  13. J

    looking for a club in New Paltz

    Is there a club that meets in New Paltz NY. I would like info if there is.
  14. J

    My 1st AG recipe

    I am picking up the ingredients today and brewing tomorrow. I attended Bobby_M's seminar last week so I feel pretty good about the process. Here is the recipe I will be using. The hops are what is recommended I am not sure they will be available. I will know in 3 hours. ESB 10 gallon batch...
  15. J

    safbrew s33 for hefe weizen

    How much of a difference will a safbrew s33 make in a hefe weizen? I thought I had the right yeast in the fridge but this was the closest I have.
  16. J

    craigs list find

    I picked up a hobart ameri 2 digital scale last night. It has a range of 0.1 to 30 pounds paid 20 bucks.
  17. J

    jobs in america

    I'm sitting having a couple home brews thinking about 80 people where I work losing their jobs and a friend sends me this.
  18. J

    HLT electric test

    The HLT I purchased is a keg with the lid intact. It has a sight glass, a T fitting in the bottom one side to a circ pump with copper tubing running up the side and down into the top. There are 2 1400w 110v heating elements at different heights. The top one needs about 8 gallons of water to...
  19. J

    sanke keg size

    I was looking at the kegs I purchased and they are stamped 50litres. That is 13.2 gallons not the 15 I was expecting. Are there 2 different sizes? I had assumed a half barrel was a half barrel.
  20. J

    e-bay purchase

    Well I found a brew tower on e-bay and went for it. It is not complete of perfect but I hope it was a good deal. I have never done AG but will definitely start as soon as I get this thing set up. Here are some pics, please view and offer advise I need it...