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    Can't Brew/Drink, Alternative Use For My Hops This Year

    Because of health issues, I can't drink beer right now but want to put my hops which are getting ripe to good use. I've read about putting them in a muslim bag under your pillow as a sleep aid. Has anyone on here done this? I've got muslim bags but have never harvested and utilized the hops...
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    Any Idea What's Eating My Hops?

    Noticed a few days ago the tips missing on some of my Hallertau bines. Now there are leaves chewed off but none at the ground level so it isn't an animal (rabbit,etc.) doing the damage. I live in Michigan, lot of rain lately. I've been using Garden Guard, but every time it rains it washes...
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    Different Leaf Pattern This Year?

    Just noticed today that my second-year Centennials have a 7-point leaf pattern. Some of the smaller ones are 5-point (wonder what that resembles?:D). Last year they were pretty much all 3-point patterns. My second-year Hallertaus have the same leaf pattern (3-point) as they did last year...
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    Should I Prune Any Of These 2nd Year Hops?

    My second year Hallertau and Centennials are starting to show some significant growth in the last couple of weeks (despite the rotten spring so far in Michigan). I've attached pics of both (Hallertau's are farther along). Should I be pruning any of these shoots? I know the first year you're...
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    Okay To Plant Next Week?

    Just ordered 2 Fuggles rhizomes that should arrive next week. Looking at the 10-day forecast for here in Michigan, I don't see any low temps below freezing. Will it be okay to plant these upon their arrival? Last year I didn't plant until early May which I thought was too late. . .
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    Vanilla Extract Question

    I would like to add vanilla extract to half of my latest porter brew. I have pure vanilla extract from Mexico (quality stuff) but it doesn't contain any alcohol which I've read on here acts as a sanitizer. I also have imitation vanilla extract containing alcohol, but from what I've read on...
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    Good Extract Porter Kit?

    Looking to brew a porter kit next, any opinions on Midwest Brewing's Porter kit? I'm looking for something not too robust. Any offerings from Austin or Northern that I should consider? Thanks!
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    Half Of My Plant In Cones, Other Half Still Growing?

    My first year Centennials have me perplexed. For the last month or so the main bine stopped growing (around 5 feet) and has been in cone production ever since. The other bine is still growing (around 6 feet) and doesn't have any burrs yet. These are from the same rhizome. Can anyone explain...
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    Almost Five Weeks Since Planting, Replant Something Else?

    I planted 3 varieties over four weeks ago: Hallertau, Cascade, and Centennial. I purchased the Hallertau and Centennial from the same vendor which were bigger rhizomes than the Cascade. The Hallertau and Centennial emerged 2 weeks ago and are growing well, the Cascade has not appeared yet...
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    Same Variety, Different Leaf Patterns?

    I've attached pictures of my Hallertau and Centennial hops 4 weeks since I planted. It's harder to tell on the Centennials, but both varieties are showing different leaf patterns between shoots. One shoot has a 3-leaf pattern whereas the other is rounded. Is this normal? Unfortunately my...
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    How Long Will This Keep Fermenting?

    Just brewed my first batch last week and the yeast is still bubbling vigorously after 48 hours. Had to run a blowoff tube as it was a 5-gallon batch in a 5-gallon carboy. Just wondering how much longer it will ferment at this level and/or when I can remove the blowoff tube and put the airlock...
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    What Is This Oxyclean You Guys Speak Of?

    Sorry, I'm not up on my household cleaners. Is this actually Oxiclean that you find on store shelves? If so, which version is best for cleaning/removing bottle labels, etc.? There seems to be a million versions. A link from the company's website would be very beneficial!
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    Rhizomes Ordered! Soil Prep?

    Just ordered 3 varieties: Hallertau, Cascade, and Centennial. I've got a spot next to our silo (60 feet tall!) that gets ample sunshine all picked out, now what do I have to do to prepare the soil? Do I need to till, add water to get the proper moisture content, etc? How close together should...