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  1. BeerAmGood

    How long should primary be?

    How long do you guys keep your beer in primary fermentation? I usually wait at least a week and check the gravity. I ferment at room temp. Lately I have had allot of activity in my secondary even though my gravity reading is where it needs to be, but I deviated from the recipe, I used some...
  2. BeerAmGood

    Question about Sediment on Carboy wall

    Hi All. I noticed some sediment sticking to the walls and ridges on the inside of my glass carboy during secondary fermentation. It looks like it is falling to the bottom so it might be normal. Anyone see this before?
  3. BeerAmGood

    Slight After Taste

    Howdy all! I just dranked my 2nd bottle of a Kolsch I made. I drank the first bottle a week after it had been bottled and it tasted fine but I could tell it still need more time. Today I drank the second bottle(2weeks in bottle), smells great, great head, nice carb, tastes great up...