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  1. MoodyCopperpot

    Will this Jet Burner work?

    I am in the process of starting to make my 3 keggle brew system, and as of now, I only have the propane burner that I originally had before starting this project. I'm looking into buying a couple more, but I dont know enough about Jet Burners to comfortably just go buy them willy nilly. I found...
  2. MoodyCopperpot

    Benefits of a Conical Fermenter...?

    Hey guys, so I just sold a couple things to invest in a conical fermenter, but I want to make sure it is a good move before I drop the $300 on it. I'm brewing all grain and generally do a primary for 3 weeks and a secondary for about a week (depending on style). I visited southern tier and they...
  3. MoodyCopperpot


    Okay, so I just brewed a pale ale, the same recipe that I've brewed about 5 times now, and I'm transferring it to the secondary and I popped the lid of the primary bucket and there was a bung of these little white flakes on the top... I have need seen or heard of this before. Does anyone know...
  4. MoodyCopperpot

    Brew Pal- what is balance??

    Snivel been using the Brew Pal app for a couple months now, And I just noticed a calculation called 'balance'. So I was toting around with it, and on a particular pale ale recipe, when it is at a 6 gal batch size, it reads a balance of 1.02, but when I bump it down to a 5 gal batch size it reads...
  5. MoodyCopperpot

    Using Clear Candi Sugar

    My wife has requested that I make a peach witbier. That being said, I put a recipe together, an the projected abv is 3.9%. I know a 'true' wit is around 4.5-5.5. What would candi sugar do to the flavor? Should I go with a pound if that or just throw some honey into the boil? Any suggestions?
  6. MoodyCopperpot

    Pink Beer, Possible?

    So my daughter's first birthday is coming up in June, and my wife has requested me to try to make a pink beer for "favors" for the family. I assume I would use food coloring to do so, but I'm not sure how that would work out. Anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing so? My original...
  7. MoodyCopperpot

    Brew Pal Carbonation

    I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the Brew Pal app. I bought it a few weeks ago and i LOVE it! Anyways, since this isnt a commercial for Brew Pal, i'll move forward with my question... In the app, under the 'Carbonation' section, it lists the keg pressure you should use. My question is...
  8. MoodyCopperpot

    Grain Absorption: unheard of amount?

    So, I'm currently brewing my first stout, and the grain bill is 13lb. During the mash, I hit all of the right temps and everything, but somehow only lost 1/2 gallon of water due to absorption. Talking over with a homebrew buddy, we came to the conclusion that we have never heard of such a low...
  9. MoodyCopperpot

    Corny Keg O-Ring Replacement

    I have two corny kegs filled right now, one that's about two months old and the other is about six months old, the trick part is I don't know which is which haha. Anyways, one of them is getting airl in the liquid lone, and I am pretty positive it is coming from the keg end of things (I tested...
  10. MoodyCopperpot

    Laser/Infrared Thermometers

    I was thinking of investing in one of those laser or infrared thermometers. Does anyone know how accurate they are? Or a certain brand to get over another one?
  11. MoodyCopperpot

    All-Grain Mashing Temperature Too Low- What to do?

    I have recently attempted my first all-grain home brew. I added the mash water to the mash tun with the grains at about 170. I was using 11.5lb of grain. A little background: I kept the mash tun cooler in the garage (about 60 outside) and brought it in, put 2 gallons of hot tap water in it for...
  12. MoodyCopperpot

    Amount of Water to Steep With...

    Still kind of a novice at brewing, and confused about steeping volumes... All of the kits' recipes (Brewers Best) say to steep in 2.5gal of water, however in a Clone Brews book I saw a recipe saying to steep in .5gal of water for 30min then adding water to the steeping water to reach total boil...