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  1. rodneypierce

    fermentation question

    OK guys, I have a few beers under my belt here, but have never fermented one at so low of a temp. 2 weeks ago I made a Continental Dark Beer. Pitched my yeast, and had fermentation within the first 15 hours. I started it off at 65*, then lowered the temp to 55* once fermentation had kicked...
  2. rodneypierce

    who is brewing today? (sat 01-29-11)

    I have 2 brews going on today. An AHS Double Chocolate Stout, and AHS Franziskaner hefewiezen. After this, I will have a few things in my pipe line. A Continental Dark that will get bottled next weekend, a Cider that has been fermenting now for 3 weeks, then these 2 wonderful beers. Better...
  3. rodneypierce

    Well, fired up the weber in the frigid temps and....

    here is the result: New York strip, grilled mushrooms seasoned in olive oil and garlic powder, and garlic fries :rockin:
  4. rodneypierce

    BYO magazine worth it?

    IS BYO magazine worth it? Or is there another mag out there that is more beneficial?? Looking to get a new magazine subscription, and this seem's to fit the bill :mug:
  5. rodneypierce

    AIM addys

    Well, since the AOL IM names wont show up on here when you click them, I figured I would start a thread. Anyone who would like to share there AIM name with fellow brewers, please post here. You can also add me at n9ty9srx700.
  6. rodneypierce

    OK to ferment 5 gallon batch with 4 gallons?

    Hello guys, I have a few 5 gallon carboys, and I would like to use them to ferment. My question is, could I only use 4 gallons of water (for a 5 gallon batch recipe) during primary fermentation (to keep some room for the krausen within the carboy), then top off the extra gallon of water when I...
  7. rodneypierce


    OK guys, im going to make some cider tonight. I was thinking of using the following: 4 gallons of apple cider 30 oz of honey 6 oz molasses then after primary fermentation is over, rack it to a secondary on top of cinnamon sticks, and 1 vanilla bean for roughly 2 weeks. I have the...
  8. rodneypierce

    how do I stop fermentation?

    OK guys, how do I stop fermentation??? Persay I want to stop a cider when it hits 1.015 or so. I would like to stop it around there to make sure that it is a sweeter finish, instead of being really dry.
  9. rodneypierce

    anyone had AHS Bavarian Hefewiezen?

    Has anyone has this beer??? I brewed a batch, and to me it tastes horrible. Im a big Franziskaner fan, and this one really let me down. I was more curious as to what others thought of it. Perhaps my brewing was just bad??? IDK. I have AHS's Franz copy that Im thinking of brewing up here...
  10. rodneypierce

    ok guys, help me with a recipe

    Alright, here is currently what I have from an ingredient kit: 1 - 3.3 lb muntons hopped dark malt extract 2 lbs muntons dark DME .375 lbs Muntons Crushed Crystal 1 oz czech saaz hop pellets I would like to make a chocolate beer using nibs in the secondary. Is there anything I can use...
  11. rodneypierce

    tonights dinner ........

    Couple this: Beef Brisket with this: and a loaded baked potato, with a slice of guiness extra stout beer bread, and im in heaven :mug:
  12. rodneypierce

    faucets (not mine)

    Here is an ad on the local craigslist for beer faucets. new old stock. It was posted the 3rd of december, so they might be gone. But for the price figured it was worth checking in to if your looking: $5.00 EACH OBO Offer FOUR...
  13. rodneypierce

    thinking of brewing up my first batch of wine. have a couple questions

    Alright guys, dont kill me for this one. :mug: My girlfriend has shown some interest in perhaps making a wine. (I cant say no to that) but here is the thing. She likes the real fruity type wines. The ones I call kool aid. Like Arbor Mist. I myself like a good fruity shiraz. So my...
  14. rodneypierce

    help with chocolate beers

    alright guys, I have recently had sam adams chocolate bock and it was awesome. I loved that chocolate finish, and how creamy and smooth it was. Anyhow, my question is, have any of you guys had experience with the following AHS kits, and how "chocolaty" are they? AHS Chocolate Bock: A dark...
  15. rodneypierce

    the more yeast the better?

    Just as the title states. Lets say, on a 5 gallon batch, instead of pitching just one packet of dry yeast, is it better to pitch 2 packets, maybe 3? How do you "know" how much you need, or how much is just a waste?? Im still very new to brewing, so am very curious!! Thanks in advance.
  16. rodneypierce

    First home brew Red Ale

    Well, here is the first glass of my Red Ale that I brewed up a few weeks ago. Its only been in bottles for one week now, but i just had to try it. of course, hardly any carbonation, its very flat, but you can really taste the hoppiness of this beer. (to me anyhow) Most wouldnt think so, but...
  17. rodneypierce

    sam adams chocolate bock copy

    Alright, I just popped the top on a Sam Adams Chocolate Boch and man o man is this stuff good!!! So good infact, that I would like to try my hand at making a batch!! Its got a GREAT chocolate flavor to it, I would say almost amazing... Anyone have a good clone, or one that might be even a...
  18. rodneypierce

    Looking for bottles and misc bottling supplies

    Alright, im a new HB'er and looking for some bottles. I bought 2 cases, and had a case here from my own consumption :drunk: but after making my first batch here the last weekend, and then boiling my second batch here yesterday, this is going to be a very addicting hobby! So im going to need...
  19. rodneypierce

    got me a new beer boiler :-)

    Got it tonight from my boss for free. He has used it with oil in it before, so Im cleaning that out of there now. Any suggestions?
  20. rodneypierce

    how to capture beer beer from fermenting vessel

    Ok guys, how do I go about getting beer out of my fermenting bucket? is it OK to open the lid up, and grab some out of there??? I would like to get a hydrometer reading here at the end of this week (tomorrow or friday) but wasnt sure it opening the fermenter was OK or not?