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  1. Marsdude

    Great Divide Score!!!

    Last Thursday the SWMBO and I headed to Denver to celibate her birthday. She decided she wanted to visit Great Divide Brewery and take the 3 PM tour. So after a couple of half pints in the tap room we did take the tour that only had my wife, myself, and one other guy, Mike. Mike asked if there...
  2. Marsdude

    Over carbed beer - need help...

    The good news is that my first AG brew turned out well. The bad news is that my first attempt at kegging this brew didn't go so well. I will not go into the details but in my attempt to force carb I over carbonated the beer. All I get when I try to dispense is foam. I have the keg set at...
  3. Marsdude

    CL brew stand in Boulder

    I saw this on Craigslist today and it seems like a good deal. I don't have the $350 right now to buy it so I am passing this along:
  4. Marsdude

    How do I clean old beer taps?

    I really did search but didn't find my answer. I am building a kegarator and purchased some used beer taps. I was thinking I would run some soapy water or Oxyclean through them then Starsan. Any suggestions? Do I need to disassemble them?
  5. Marsdude

    First AG and - no water pressure!!!!

    Finally after several weeks of scrounging equipment and preparation I tried my first AG, ED Wort's Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale. I had just mashed-in and was filling my pot with water for my sparge when the water from my water filter slowed down to a trickle and stop! :eek: We are on a well so...
  6. Marsdude

    Milk cooler as a mash tun???

    I am getting the equipment ready for my first all-grain brew. I have an older Coleman cooler that I was going to use as a mash tun but when then I thought of this: If I was to lay this on it's back (after removing the refrigeration coils) and then added a copper pipe manifold, would...
  7. Marsdude

    Need advice on magnet pump

    I have several equipment related questions but the first one I have is about a Iwaki magnet pump I have. I have three of these and would like to use them in a brew system I hope to build. It is rated for 200V. Can I use this with 220V? Here are some pictures of the pump.
  8. Marsdude

    Using a old aluminum pot

    I have read the thread about using aluminum pots as boil kettles. I have been wanting to try an all grain brew and the only thing stopping me was having a big enough pot. We run a commercial kitchen here and I just realized today (yes I am slow) that I have two 40qt. aluminum pot in the...
  9. Marsdude

    Trying to understand cold crash & force carb

    We have a couple of local microbrewery's, and several brew pubs. I was surprised to find that they can ferment and force carb in (sometimes) less than two weeks! I was talking with a local home brewer and he told me he will be done with fermentation of some beers around three days. He will...
  10. Marsdude

    Equinox Brewing opens in Fort Collins

    Equinox Brewing had their grand opening yesterday. Equinox is located right next to (and is a part of) Hops and Berries a local homebrew supply. The SWMBO and I was there yesterday and I thought I would give my impressions. First - I think the owner, Collin, has a great idea. He is focusing...
  11. Marsdude

    Odell's Saboteur

    I just tried some Odell's Saboteur in their tap room. They have had this on tap for a while as "Bret Barrel Brown." I didn't try it before because, although I like them, many brown ales taste a little sweet to me. Anyway, Odell's did a great job on this one. It has a lot of flavor and a...
  12. Marsdude

    Good deal? on Aluminum Stock Posts

    I wanted to pass along what may be a good deal on heavy aluminum stock pots. I run a commercial kitchen and one of our suppliers (Sanco) just sent a flyer with some nice prices. They have a 40qt. for $50.50. These are well made and very heavy pots. I haven't shopped for aluminum stock pots for a...
  13. Marsdude

    Bottling bucket - to stir or not to stir?

    I will be bottling my 5th brew later today and I have a question about the distribution of the sugar in the bottling bucket. It seems like some of my bottles are more carbonated than others and I wonder if I am getting the sugar evenly mixed up in the wort. I dissolve the sugar in a pint of...
  14. Marsdude

    Irish Red recipe help

    I am going to brew the following recipe this weekend. I was wondering what this would taste like if I increased the Northern Brewer hops to 1.5 oz, maybe even 2 oz. I know it would obviously be more hoppy, but I like hoppy beers. Any suggestions? Also what if I increased the aroma hops...
  15. Marsdude

    When should I add chilis to my brew?

    My third brew was "Tim's Irish Stout." Which was an extract recipe I got from this site (I'm drinking some now). It is the best beer I have made so far. I would like to tweak the recipe and add a very, very, light taste chili (or hot sauce) to the brew. When should I add the chili's and how...
  16. Marsdude

    Oven control for brewpot?

    Would an oven control from a range work to maintain a boil in an electric brew pot? I know it would take the voltage and turn the element on and off at a certain temp but it would not pulse like a PID/SSR setup. What do you think would this work?
  17. Marsdude

    Is my MT idea crazy?

    This will begin with a long explanation. I am an extract brewer just brewing my 5th batch. I have been studying up on all grain brewing and would like to try it in the not to distant future. I was going to build a MT out of a rectangular cooler I have but today, while brewing my 5th batch, I had...
  18. Marsdude

    What is your favorite brand of yeast?

    I usually use White Labs but when I was buying the ingredients for an ESB my LHS was out of the type I needed in the White Labs so I bought some Wyeast Activator. I had never used this brand before so by the time I took it out of the fridge to warm up I realized I didn't have three hours to...
  19. Marsdude

    Thanks for the invaluable advice!

    I have decided to become a supporter here - why? I have received great advice here! I am finding out how to switch to all grain (another thread) and... I just brewed my fourth batch. I only had a five gal. carboy and after reading the forums I decided I could use it but I should make a...
  20. Marsdude

    All grain equipment advice needed

    I am still new at brewing, just finished my fourth batch (extract). I want to be able to do some all grain batches. After searching the forums I have a few questions. Boil pot: can I use an 8 gal. pot or will I need a 10 gal? If I am correct I will need to start with appx. 6.5 gal. at the...