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  1. STAD

    Pliny the Younger Release this Friday!

    Anyone in the area heading up to RR on Friday? I'm probably going to try and have lunch there at 11am. I guess this year they aren't filling growlers and are only serving 10 oz. "half pints." Does anyone know where I can get a growler of this filled?
  2. STAD

    Hydrometer question

    Hey guys, I just brewed my first batch in about 2 years and I have admittedly gone back to the noob stage. I brewed Ed Wort's Haus Pale Ale, and it was my first time using my new turkey fryer. Previously, I had never really used the hydrometer, but instead just waited extra time before...
  3. STAD

    CL Find: North Bay California 2 10 Gallon All-Grain Coolers

    Pretty good price. A 3 hour round trip for me so I'll pass. Maybe someone on here is closer?
  4. STAD

    can someone help me convert this?

    Last night I had a Drake's Aroma Coma IPA and fell in love with it. I found this recipe this morning ( Can someone help me convert this to a 5 gallon extract recipe? Also, the additional grains (the non-2 row ones)...
  5. STAD

    WTB: Propane Burner (San Jose, CA)

    Just wondering if anyone has a propane burner that they are trying to get rid of for less than $50. I'll be needing one in about two weeks, and haven't ordered the Bayou SQ14 yet.
  6. STAD

    Anyone play COD: World at War online?

    I just got a PS3 a few days ago and am completely addicted to COD World at War. Anyone else play online?
  7. STAD

    Beer Separation?

    Hey guys. I've been MIA for a while and as a result, my brewing has been put on the back burner. I have 10 gallons that needs to be kegged (5 of which was brewed in 2008, the other five not much after). I experienced difficult living arrangements which forced me to leave my beer in the...
  8. STAD

    Stad Is Going To Portland!

    Okay so after hearing all you guys have had to say in the other thread, I have decided to call my buddy in Portland. He has to make sure he has the capacity to house my friend (Mitch, nice guy) and I. It would be cool to know that if he doesn't work out, there are some other hospitable HBT'ers...
  9. STAD

    Just split from girlfriend of 3.5 years, and have vacation next week.. What do I do?

    So my girlfriend (or I guess I should get in the habit of saying EX-girlfriend) and I split after living together for 3 1/2 years. This has been very hard on me and my life seems to have changed dramatically. I have since had to move back in with mom (never fun going back, especially when she...
  10. STAD

    corny keg won't hold pressure

    The title pretty much says it. I have replaced all of the o-rings and all that jazz. It still leaks from the lid (even under 15 psi). If I let it sit overnight, and try to pull the relief valve, I find that all the pressure has already escaped. What are some things I can try to get it to hold...
  11. STAD

    Specialty Grain in AG

    Okay, so I haven't gone all-grain yet, but I plan on it very soon. As soon as the money is there, and I answer this question, I will be on my way. This might be a really quick one, or a really involved one, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Currently, I'm doing extract brews with specialty...
  12. STAD

    Friend going to BEVMO in 10 MINUTES! WHAT SHOULD HE GET ME?!

    Make suggestions please, I can't think. I like everything. EDIT: just bombers, I'm not looking to buy 12 packs. MAYBE a six pack.
  13. STAD

    Got a "nice" little surprise yesterday

    Okay so if anyone remembers me asking about my possible gas/beer in/out post on my keg problem, I just got around to fixing it yesterday. Basically what happened was, I had a gas post on the beer out (obviously the beer disconnect didn't like the connection). So yesterday I got back from two...
  14. STAD

    5 gallon batch is probably more like 4 gallons

    So I brewed a 5 gallon extract last night, but when I put it in the primary, it really doesn't look like 5 gallons. I got an OG of 1.07 when I should have 1.05-1.054, I added a quart of water, and decided not to mess with it too much until I found out what I should do. What's going to happen...
  15. STAD

    how do I carb Apfelwein?

    The recipe says .75 cups of corn sugar, but what's the process? Do I just rack the apfelwein onto the sugar in the bottling bucket, or do I have to boil the sugar in water. Please let me know ASAP so I can do this tonight. THANKS!
  16. STAD

    ANOTHER keg issue.

    Okay so I'm on my second kegged batch, and everytime I connect the beer out disconnect to the OUT post on the keg, it is an absolute b!tch to get off. It doesn't seem to push down all the way either. My guess is that the smart guy that I bought these kegs from has two gas posts installed. Does...
  17. STAD

    Brewpub refused to fill my growler.

    So about a month ago, I purchased my first growler from Downtown Brewery in San Luis Obispo, CA. They filled it for me and said that they, and other brewpubs would gladly refill them for a fee. I paid $18 for a full growler. I went to El Toro Brewery in Morgan Hill, CA and was told that it...
  18. STAD

    How to cure green taste?

    I'm not even sure I know the "green" taste, although if I had to describe what I taste, "green" seems pretty appropriate. Long story short, I think I kegged my beer too soon and now it's in the kezzer, carbed, and green as hell. Will this strong flavor fade in the keezer, or will I have to...
  19. STAD

    Computer Hardware Question

    Hey Guys, I am pretty computer literate with damn near all things except processors (which is a pretty big part..). Anyway, I found out that a friend of mine got me a computer game for Christmas (Left 4 Dead). I checked the system requirements online and I found that my processor does not meet...
  20. STAD

    Enjoy Thank God everything's taken care of now!