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    Texas Cornelius (Corny) Kegs - Ball Lock

    I have three 5 gallon Cornelius brand, ball-lock kegs; selling for $45 each. I have completely disassembled, cleaned with PBW, put all new o-rings on, and pressure tested each keg. All hold pressure with no issues. Also including with each keg a pair of CMB brand ball lock disconnects (1...
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    Texas Carboy Accessories

    Various accessories for fermenting, testing, and transferring beer from a glass carboy. I'm located in Plano, TX. I'd prefer local pick up since it's probably not worth the cost to ship, but if you're really interested and willing to pay to ship, let me know. Selling all of the following for...
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    Texas Pulleys and V-Belt for Motorized Grain Mill

    I purchased the following pulleys and v-belt to motorize my grain mill, based on a BYO guide (unfortunately for me, prices for these were not as cheap as they were when that article was written). Never got around to completing the project, and all items are still new in their original...
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    Texas Ranco Digital Temperature Controller (Two-Stage) - Wired ($50)

    Purchased from MoreBeer. Original Price: $180, selling for $50 Ranco base Model # ETC-112000-000 Unit has two outlets so you can set a high and low temperature and plug a mini-fridge and heating jacket into the controller to keep the fermenting beer at the proper temperature. Worked great...
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    Texas Stainless Steel and Brass Fittings

    Originally purchased for various homebrew projects, but never got around to completing the projects. Below is a list of the fitting sizes. The number between () represents how many of that item there are. Selling the entire lot for $50. STAINLESS (4) Street Elbow - 1/2 in. FPT x 1/2 in. MPT...
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    Texas Ranco Temperature Controller, Dual Draft Tower, Perlick Faucets, Immersion Chiller, and More

    Selling off a lot of miscellaneous homebrew items I've accumulated through the years. I would much prefer local pick up (DFW, Texas), but would be willing to ship most items if you're willing to pay the cost of shipping. Let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures...
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    MoreBeer B3-500 Gravity BrewSculpture - DFW, TX

    MoreBeer B3-500 Gravity BrewSculpture Original Price: $2,300 for the BrewSculpture + extra for the ball locks and quick-disconnects. My Price: $475 obo for everything listed below Local pick-up only. It will certainly take a truck or trailer to fit the stand. If you live within a reasonable...
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    Homebrew Magazines: Brew Your Own (BYO) + More

    Brew Your Own (BYO) and Other Brewing Magazines Price: $35 Includes all of the following. If I find any of the noted missing editions, I'll include them, as well. I'm located in Plano, TX and would prefer local pick up. If you're willing to cover shipping costs, I'll get a quote to do so. BYO...
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    Miscellaneous Brewing Equipment

    Recently went through my brewing supplies and pulled out the items I either don't use/don't need/have duplicates of. If you wish to purchase the entire lot, I would be more than happy to work out a discounted deal. Also, please post any questions via this thread as my HBT mailbox fills up pretty...
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    WTB: Classic Beer Styles Books

    Have most in the set, just looking for a two more: Bavarian Helles Lambic I have an extra (new) copy of the Mild Ale book, if anyone is interested in a trade for one of the titles listed above.
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    All Grain Brewing Equipment

    Due to some changes/purchases in my brewing setup, I have several duplicate items that I am looking to sell. I have posted each on craigslist (links below), which obviously if you do not live in or near the DFW area then shipping will have to be added. Let me know what you are interested in and...
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    Welding Single Tier Brew Stand

    Looking to start a single tier brew sculpture build, and had a few questions mostly around costs. Firstly, in a design resembling a typical single tier system (i.e. MoreBeer's design), about how many hours of welding can I anticipate an experienced welder to charge me for? I emailed a guy on...
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    Pin Lock Keg and Regulator

    I have two separate items for sale on Craigslist right now. The first is a Cornelius Pin Lock Keg, the second a single gauge CO2 regulator. (keg) (regulator) I live in North Dallas...
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    Single Gauge CO2 Regulator

    SALE PENDING This is a used Draught Technologies Primary CO2 Regulator, which came off a Danby kegerator. Model #1000P/1000S, rated at 2600 P.S.I.G. The gauge has a max reading of 60 psi or 4 bar. Solid construction with an ball valve to easily cut the air flow to the keg on and off as...
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    Cornelius Pin Lock Keg

    Standard 5 gallon pin lock keg, true Cornelius brand (not Firestone), recently replaced all 4 post o-rings with brand new ones. This keg has only been used a couple times for beer, since then it has been cleaned and pressured tested to ensure it holds pressure. This keg is used and has...
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    Phil's 10" Sparger - Listermann

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD. This is a sparger/sparge arm system purchased recently from Listermann, which will fit atop a 10 gallon, cylindrical cooler. In perfect working condition, always cleaned, dried and stored in the original box (rubber end caps and plastic elbow kept in original plastic...
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    5 Gallon Igloo Cooler with Brass Ball Valve

    This was used as a mash tun for a few brews, and then later became a HLT. It is a standard 5 gallon insulated cooler with a 1/4" brass ball valve. Holds sparge water at a constant temperature with no leaks. Asking $40 for the cooler and ball valve assembly. I live in North Dallas (McKinney)...