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  1. DurtyChemist

    For Sale eXact iDip Smart Brew kit

    No longer using this. Works great to recreate water and works with the app. This is the kit I have. email [email protected] works best. Looks just like the photos online. New test strips are $85 if you want them...
  2. DurtyChemist

    Nevada Blichmann beergun $60

    Bought this new when it first came out and I don't use it as much as I expected. It works perfect and I've never had problems with bottles after filling them. This works great for eliminating bottling bombs and freeing up a keg if you have something you want to save long term without tiring up a...
  3. DurtyChemist

    Why do I need a 5L flask?

    I walked into a local brew shop and saw they had one for $37. They're more expensive everywhere else. I don't brew 10 gallon batches but I'm setup for it with 10 gallon mash tun and an old Coors keg for a keggle. I know I can grow more yeast in a 5L flask and it might eventually pay for itself...
  4. DurtyChemist

    Wyeast 5526 starter

    I bought a new pack of this and put it on a stir plate Tuesday. I didn't see anything like a normal starter shows which I expected but I'm looking for other people's experience with Brett starters. It doesn't look like anything is happening and while I haven't checked gravity when I turn the...
  5. DurtyChemist

    Brett Brux: Repitch or buy new

    I'm getting ready to brew another "lambic" I've brewed twice. The first batch came out 1.002, the second batch was pitched on the yeast cake of the first and came out 1.008. Should I pull some of the yeast cake for a starter or buy a new Brett Brux vial and start fresh? The second batch just...
  6. DurtyChemist

    2016 Hop Growing Thread

    It is that time of the year. Post your photos, questions, advice and harvest amounts. First year, 10th year and everywhere in between.
  7. DurtyChemist

    WLP 830 German Lager stuck at 1.204

    OG 1.063 measured 11/8/15. Fermentation controlled in a mini fridge with Fermwrap heater and the probe attached to the outside of the bucket covered in paper towels (don't talk to me about middle of fermentation temps) for a week when it stopped activity. Gravity 11/13 was 1.032 so I swirled...
  8. DurtyChemist

    Stepped starters and removing yeast

    I was reading some literature about doing stepped starters and came across something interesting. The author(s) said when doing a stepped starters growth is not the same in the second as the first batch because of inoculation rates. My interpretation and understanding of what was being said was...
  9. DurtyChemist

    Reusing sour equipment

    I made a "berliner weiss" using Gigayeast's fast lacto. The beer sat for over a month before I kegged it. I cleaned the plastic bucket out then sanatized it while brewing. I had extra beer so I figured I'd make a starter from the wort that would otherwise be tossed. Since the wort was 1.070...
  10. DurtyChemist

    Pliny trade for _____

    I have a total of 8 for trade. Bottled 2/11/15. Looking for porters, stouts, sours, or stuff I can't get in Nevada. Not interested in HT.
  11. DurtyChemist

    Pliny for trade

    Bottled 2/11/15. Let me know what you have. Not looking for heady. Sours, zombie dust, anything interesting including rhizomes.
  12. DurtyChemist

    When to bottle Berliner using WLP 655

    I brewed a Berliner in October 2014 and it's recently developed a white pelicle across the top. I've since discovered it won't get the sour taste I'm probably looking for for a Berliner. I'm thinking about bottling this and letting it age but I'm not sure if it will continue to sour/age if I...
  13. DurtyChemist

    Excessive trub in lambic

    I brewed my first Lambic this weekend (BIAB) and had about 2 gallons of trub in the fermentor (better bottle). I've never had this much in any other batch and I'm curious to see what people think and what the advice is. Current plan is to let it ferment w yeast for a week then add Brett. 6lbs...
  14. DurtyChemist

    Newb Brett/Lambic Brewer

    I've never fermented with Brett. I've never brewed a Lambic. I get married 9.20.14 and my soon to be wife really likes this so I'm thinking of making a batch every year on our anniversary and saving it for the next year. I can't seem to get a clear cut understanding of the process of brewing...
  15. DurtyChemist

    Started fermentation at 80F

    On Sunday, using about 2 pints of 'washed' yeast cake (1056 2nd generation) and thought my thermometer on the bucket was just broken since it wasn't reading and only goes up to 79F. I know it causes a banana taste but if will leaving the beer on the yeast longer reduce this? Will the yeast...
  16. DurtyChemist

    Bottles wont carbonate

    Third time making this amber ale. Fermentation went fine but every single time I bottle it won't carbonate. I can't figure it out. I reused the yeast for a batch rot now that fully fermented and I'm trying to understand what is wrong. Slight bubbles when I open it but nothing big. Pour it into a...
  17. DurtyChemist

    Cell calculation

    Washed some yeast and stored it in 50 mL centrifuge tubes. I have around 5 mL in each tube and my last calculation says it was only 65% attenuation. (1.047-1.016)/0.47 1. I'm wondering how I can calculate how many cells I will have if I use 5 mL of my stored yeast for a 1 L starter for an ale...