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  1. J

    best beer store in dallas?

    S&K Beverage @ Spring Creek Pkwy & 75 in Plano. Best beer store in Dallas area.
  2. J

    DFW Group Buy #2

  3. J

    DFW Group Buy #2

    Bump my Carapils up 5# (total 15#) Anyone up for a 1/2 split of Munich or Pilsner? I don't work on Fridays so I can help any time with the splits, just let me know.
  4. J

    DFW Group Buy #2

    Sorry about that centex. Thanks tealio, that is were I saw the first group buy. I was just wondering if it helped out any.
  5. J

    DFW Group Buy #2

    I'll take 10# crystal 40, 10# carapils, and 10# crystal 60 (19 bag to go). centex99 did you get very many people from the craiglist ad?
  6. J

    DFW Group Buy #2

    2 bags of GW-2ROW If anyone wants to split a bag of GB-Munh10 or 30 I could do that also.
  7. J

    Blowoff setup for better bottle

    Just use this And forget about it:cool:
  8. J

    Bluebonnet Brewoff 2006

    The Bluebonnet Brewoff is in Irving, TX. I've got an Oatmeal Stout entered this year. Last year was my first time to go, I think I had a great time but it's kind of hard to remember when you have so many great free beers to sample ;-)
  9. J

    where to buy sanke kegs

    I just picked up mine at Homebrew Headquarters in Richardson $90 ready to go just need a ballvalve. I think Kelly the owner? said he could sell the kegs for $30 for the do it you self type. I work in a fab shop and could have done it myself, but I didn't like the idea of mixing buisness with...
  10. J

    No-Hop Brew

    I've read that before hops were used spices were used to balance out the sweet. The article didn't say what kind of spices though.
  11. J

    Dry-hopping question.

    The only problem I've had dry hopping is that sometimes a few leafs make it to the bottling bucket. Most of the times they end up sticking to the side of the bottling bucket. But every now and then they get in the siphoning tube when your bottling and cause the bottle filler to stick open. Not a...
  12. J

    Homebrew Competitions

    If any of you begining brewers like me get a chance to go to a Homebrew competition you should go. I got to go to the Bluebonnet Brewoff last weekend. I got to meet alot of nice and interesting people, get a feel for the local clubs and best of all drink alot of homebrew :D They had almost 1200...
  13. J


    If your house stays close to thoughs temps. go ahead and brew some. If your alittle on the warm side you could try the towl/bathtub/fan thing and bring the temperature down some. I guess I will get to find out soon what fermenting at higher temps does to the taste of my beers. Cause I'm not...
  14. J

    liquid yeast advantages

    Well I've only done a few batches, but from what I've read the type and quality of the yeast you use is so important is because it makes the magic happen :cool:
  15. J

    Clone for Anchor Brewing Co-Liberty Ale?

    Liberty Ale Clone: 8 lbs LME 1/2 lb 40L Crystal 1/2 lb Munich Malt 1/2 lb Cara Pils Malt 1/2 oz Fuggles Hops -pellet (bittering) 4 oz Cascade Hops -leaf California Ale Yeast WLP001 steep grain at 150 degrees for 30 minutes at start of boil add Fuggles and 1 oz of Cascade dry hop...
  16. J

    This Beer Sucks, IMO

    I've got to start getting on the internet at work :mad: I just bought a six of the SA wit on the way home. It's not bad,(like blueballs bad ;) ) it's just weak no real flavor or taste. Celis white was one of my favorite beers, hell all the Celis beers were tasty :cool: I have just now...
  17. J

    What's your ride?

    :confused: Ok what did I do wrong all I see is links in my post above? ........isn't that the way you do it?
  18. J

    What's your ride?

    Me and my jeep Love them rocks :cool:
  19. J

    Primary or secondary

    So I got to thinking(sometimes a dangerous thing :D ) wouldn't it be better to pitch a new batch of beer on the secondary yeast bed, than the primary? It would seem to me that the primary has alot of unfermentables(sp?) and hop pellet crud that didn't get fillter out in it, but the secondary...
  20. J

    Bottle cleaning shortcut

    Just used some Oxyclean...........It rocks :cool: Took off the labels and glue with no work on my part and I only soaked the bottles about an hour and a half.