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    Cold Crash and Dry Hop

    Should I wait until my dry hop period is up before cold crashing? Or is it ok to overlap my cold crash and dry hop times by 2 days?
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    Had a DIPA get stuck at

    1.023. Was experimenting with 3787 wyeast to see if any of the characteristics of the yeast would make it through a STUPIDLY hopped DIPA. OG was 1.073. Missed my mash temp due to a thermometer issue. End of the mash was at 160 rather than the 152 I was hoping for. Just added some amylase...
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    Wyeast 3787

    Anyone ever use wyeast 3787 with a DIPA grain/hop bill? If so how'd it go?
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    Anyone know of a good HBS in St. Louis MO?

    I want to drive into St. Louis tomorrow and thought I would pick up a brew for the fourth. Anyone know of a good supply supply store there?
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    Ft. Leonard Wood homebrew

    Moving from Seattle to St Robert Mo for work. Where is my new lhbs?
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    The flavor power of yeast

    I brewed on Sunday. 5.25 lbs us-2row 5.25 lbs red wheat 1 lb briess pils dme 2 oz hallertau hops 1 at 60 1 at 5 2l starter of washed 3787 Just took hydro reading and this tastes just like a wit. No spices. Nothing but spice flavor. First time the yeast dominated the character of...
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    Bulk Aging Beer

    This Saturday I am going to transfer a beer that has been in the primary for about 5 weeks into a secondary for bulk aging. Then I will bottle some time in August. The beer is at 10.5% abv and was fermented with Wyeast 3787. Now on to my question. When I bottle in August should I add...
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    Oak Aging

    So due to overshooting my efficiency by a long way I have a Belgian specialty ale that started as a saison. The beer is at about 10.5% abv and really dry. It has been in the primary fermentor for about two weeks and has reached its final gravity of around 1.005. Anyway I'd like to rack this...
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    Wyeast 3787

    Brewed an all-grain saison (not really to style). Used wyeast 3787 to ferment. That was last Saturday night. Opened it today to take a hydrometer reading and add some invert sugar and there is still 2-3 inches of krausen and it fermenting away like crazy. This is one interesting strain of...
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    Flavor difference between 2-row and Pilsner

    Grains? I have some 2-row around and wanted to brew a beer that called for Pilsner malt. Any idea how the character of the beer will change? From experience not from descriptions of the characters of the malts?
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    Scotch in beer.

    I am enjoying a very nice glass of scotch right now and am wondering about something. For those of you who have put whiskey in beer, does the quality of the whiskey matter? Would a really nice scotch be wasted in a brew? Would it taste any better than, say, an Evan Williams?
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    Had a porter and wit.

    God they taste great. Brewed them both myself. I just picked the habit up again after 5 years off. I am so glad to be back and damn I have made two good beers. Unfortunately the porter is almost gone. But I have another beer to bottle this weekend. Think I'll try my hand at a 3...
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    the Ram Brewery has a seasonal brew

    called a "dark Hefeweizen." It seems to be a Hefe with a portion of chocolate malt with the traditional grains. Usually the Ram's beer is OK, but this was delicious.
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    Has anyone ever tried fennel?

    in a brew that is? I'm a little curious. I think it could be interesting in a stout or porter.
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    For poops and giggles

    I took a gallon of organic, pasteurized, unfiltered apple cider and drained off about a pint and pitched some yeast (safale US-05) that I had washed from my last brew with some molasses. OG was 1.052 and it is now bubbling away nicely. I took a hydrometer reading and it has dropped to 1.04 and...
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    Quick question about a Porter

    I just brewed for the first time in about 5 years. I started off with a partial grain partial extract molasses porter. The wort looked beautiful, dark and thick. That was Sunday. I just snuck some to do a Hydrometer reading and it has lightened to the color of a dark amber. Is...